AMD has announced several new Zen-based mobile processors boasting better battery life and more. 

The new Ryzen Pro chips will appear in high-end laptops alongside integrated Radeon Vega graphics.

With these second-gen Ryzen Pro mobile processors, AMD will hope to put more pressure on Intel. Indeed, it's making some bold claims about the performance and speed of these new processors - essentially that the new chips are superior to Intel's i7-8650U and i7-7600U processors.

AMDAmd Announces New High-performance Mobile Ryzen Pro Processors image 2

AMD adds that the new Ryzen Pro chips should be able to deliver "up to 12 hours of general office use or up to 10 hours of video playback". 

Currently, the second generation Ryzen PRO mobile processors are being pitched at business users but they're also designed with premium professional notebooks in mind. 

The first laptops to include these new processors will debut from HP and Lenovo later this year with more manufacturers expected to be announced soon. Lenovo wlll use Ryzen Pro in the ThinkPad line.