(Pocket-lint) - Anybody who uses their computer for work in an office or at home, or even to make family newsletters and other personal documents, will come across PDF files on a very regular basis. They are an excellent way of formatting pictures and text in one easy-to-read file with a small digital footprint. They can even be opened in a web browser.

However, reading PDFs is one thing, it's also handy in this day and age to be able to make them. There are multiple ways to do so simply, but few offer as many options and features as Nuance Power PDF Standard 2 for Windows PCs.

It is available from Nuance's own online store at shop.nuance.co.uk for £79.99 and there are plenty of great reasons why you will find it invaluable when creating content rich PDF documents. Here are five to kick you off.

1. You can create a single PDF from multiple files

If you want to collate several different documents into one simple to store PDF, you can easily combine files through the top menu. A pop-up box allows you to add as many separate files as you like, be they Word documents, individual PDFs or the like, and then export the end result as one PDF file with multiple pages.

2. You can dictate annotated notes and the software adds them in text form

Thanks to Power PDF Standard 2 being a Nuance product, it utilises the company's excellent voice recognition technology to give you the option to dictate notes and add them as annotations on a document. Just hit the Dragon Notes button and speak. When done the note will be converted to text and added to the document ready to be saved.


3. You can add high levels of security

Security on high-importance documents is paramount and you can password protect PDFs or certify them. You can also sign documents from within Power PDF Standard 2, even using a pre-drawn handwritten signature. You can also encrypt files from within the software.

4. You can save your PDFs to all of the major cloud storage services

Nuance Power PDF Standard 2 is compatible with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive, so you can save and store your completed files in the cloud. In addition, you can open existing documents you have stored there already, even if they were created using other utilities.

5. You can convert PDFs to other types of document

If you need to edit a document in another piece of software, be that Word, Excel, PowerPoint or others, you can convert it to the correct format using Power PDF Standard 2. It will retain all of the important formatting information.

Nuance Power PDF Standard 2 is available now for £79.99. To learn more visit the Nuance website