London Technology Week has arrived and with it comes a focus on Kano, a computer and coding kit for all ages that allows you to build a computer yourself.

The youngest child to have built Kano was six and the oldest adult was 81 so when it says all ages, it pretty much means it.

The kit is powered by Raspberry Pi and it is described as "simple as Lego", allowing children or adults to build a computer with a few simple steps. Think IKEA for tech.

First you take the brain, then you choose a colour case to house it in, build a speaker and finally connect it up.

Once you are all connected, which is literally a case of adding a couple of cables, you can will be able to make games and start coding using drag-and-drop blocks, helping create genius children everywhere.

Nine-year old Khalid said: "We're young, so adults say we're a bit incapable… But today we made a computer, using Matrix code. We're like super children!"

The Kano make a computer kit is available to pre-order from the company's website now for $129 (£95) and will be available from this summer.