Still have a pile of old floppy disks decaying in the corner? You should find a way to check what's on them as a series of original and previously unseen Andy Warhol artworks have been found on some Amiga floppies laying dormant since 1985 in the archives of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Commissioned by Commodore in the 80s to demonstrate the graphic arts capabilities of its Amiga computer, the pieces each demonstrate both the abilities of computer art at the time and Warhol's own creative talent.

lost andy warhol original artworks found on commodore amiga floppy disks from 1985 image 2

His trademark can of soup is represented, along with an adapted version of Botechelli's Venus Rising. A self portrait was also lovingly extracted from the disks; a process that took numerous students and professionals to complete, such was their state.

The team's efforts were captured on film and the end result, Trapped, will be shown at Carnegie Library Hall in Pittsburgh on 10 May. It will then be available to view online at from 12 May.

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