It's a sad day for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project as its Boston office is officially pronounced dead.

The OLPC project took off back in 2006 to great excitement with 4 million pre-orders. The plan was to deliver laptops to less economically developed countries in the hope of helping education. But, years on, the Boston based OLPC is completely gone.

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The XO-1 laptop now has no more support or spare parts to back up its continuing use. But while the OLPC in Boston is gone the project is still being pursued in Miami where deployments are being serviced in Uruguay, Peru and Rwanda.

It's a sad day for this momentous project. But the efforts have done some good in raising awareness about technology playing an important role in education worldwide. And through the Miami office, hopefully, it can continue to help.

And thanks to ICT4Edu projects still being pushed the future is bright for technology helping educate those in less economically developed countries.