When we saw the photo-realistic iPad drawing of Morgan Freeman we were rightly amazed, it was so good. However, that was on a touchscreen device that seems made to allow creative juices to flow, especially considering the wealth of superb art apps. That's not something we would generally say about MS Paint, the free, basic software than comes pre-installed with Windows.

But YouTube channel poster Electric Asylum Art really shows what is possible with the application with its time-lapsed video of the creation of a superb Santa Claus picture, drawn entirely using Microsoft's most basic of tools.

The whole project took "nearly 50 hours" and the black and white segment of the artwork was made entirely using old school MS Paint tools, such as spray paint, classic pencil and line. The hardware used was a Windows 7 laptop connected to a HD TV and a Wacom Intuous tablet. VLC media player was used to capture the process.

Unfortunately, the project wasn't completed in time for Christmas itself, but we think that it's still very worth sharing.

You should also check out Electric Asylum Art's YouTube channel for other works, including an MS Paint-created version of the Mona Lisa. Superb.