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(Pocket-lint) - Cloud storage is expensive, especially when you're talking about using it for 4TB of data. So Western Digital wants to sell you a cloud all of your own, for a one-off price and no monthly subscription. It's a NAS drive, like Western Digital's other devices, but one that has been designed to offer your files to you wherever you go in the world.

WD also explains that hosting your own "cloud" server is better for lots of reasons, beyond just ongoing costs. For a start, some people just don't want to store sensitive data on someone else's server. With this NSA Prism fiasco, US providers are especially worrisome for certain users. And if you're talking about accounts and financial data, there's even more reluctance to put things in someone else's hands.

And,of course, there's the issue of uploading large amounts of data. Western Digital says that the average family will have 3.3TB of data by 2016. Pushing all of that into the cloud at average broadband upload speeds is a problem. And while WD can't get over slow upload speeds, and accepts that it's an issue when you need to access a file off-site, it thinks that it's more sensible to do uploads when they're needed, rather than as a matter of course.

The company has also spent more than a year working on the new interface for its NAS drives, allowing them to be more user-friendly with simple ways to create shares and quotas for various family members and to be in control of what is, and is not, accessible. There are also updated apps for phones, tablets and computers to help make data transfers a bit easier.

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Speed too, is boosted, with fast gigabit ethernet access and USB 3. You can also add extra USB storage, giving you extra flexibility with your capacity so you're  not tied to the original capacity. WD suggested that there's no limit on what drives you can attach via USB either, apart from those placed upon the USB standard.

The MyCloud has three capacities, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB which will be released later in the year. The 2TB version costs £130, and the 3TB comes in at £160.

Writing by Ian Morris. Originally published on 2 October 2013.