The new Bamboo Pad from Wacom offers a two-in-one experience with digital stylus drawing as well as touch gesture controls - ideal for Windows 8 and Mac OS X.

The Bamboo Pad comes in USB wired and wireless versions, each is ultra-slim and supports multi-touch gestures. The stylus can be stored inside the Pad and even works with Samsung Galaxy Note models. While ideal for signing papers or making annotations on photos and documents, don't expect it to be as sensitive as the more professional Wacom tablets if you're a budding artist.

Wacom says the wireless Bamboo Pad will give you a month on two AAA batteries, based on two hours' use daily.

The Bamboo Pad (Wireless) costs £60, is out now, and comes in metallic grey with black, pearl white with either blue, green or purple accents. The Bamboo Pad (USB) comes in metallic grey with black and costs £42.