A laptop already makes for pretty unbeatable gift to find in your Christmas stocking, but with Pocket-lint’s customisable Christmas we think you can go one better by coming up with something truly unique.

Even if the gift's recipient is already sorted on the laptop front, following these handy tips will bring something fresh and special to their computer. Read on to find out the best possible way to customise your laptop this Christmas.

Put together by 3M - easily the hottest ticket in sticker town - is Schtickers, which will print a custom skin in which to wrap almost any laptop. As seems to be the format with most of these printed skins, you can choose from stock designs or use your own images.

customisable christmas laptop accessories image 4

Customisable Christmas is  all about doing your own thing, so we suggest taking a photograph or making a drawing and scanning your own design. The bonus here is that the Schtickers brings scratch-proofing and UV protection to your loves ones’ laptop. It can also be peeled off easily, should your design prove too controversial. The Schtickers skins can be picked up here for around £20. They are shipped from the US, so order soon to receive in time for Christmas. 

If you fancy something a bit tougher to keep your laptop crumb free after a serious mince pie session, then website Caseable might have the answer. The sleeves come in different shapes and sizes, from 11-inch up to 17-inch, and there are also custom shapes for MacBooks.

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Once you have selected the size, you are given a template of the sleeve on which to choose base colours, add images and apply text. The case-generator is simple enough to use, so even the least tech-minded should be able to make something special for Christmas. The cases themselves are fairly robust, so should bring plenty of added protection. Caseable cases can be found here for £50

Going up even further in size and one ideally suited to those who move their laptop about all day, is a custom-built Timbuk 2 bag. These messenger-style rucksacks are legendary with couriers for their toughness, able to transport even the most fragile of kit without worry damage.

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All that cycling heritage also means the Timbuk 2 bags are extremely comfortable, even when you're lugging about the heaviest of laptops. The Timbuk 2 website offers a really formidable customisation tool. You can pick the print of each individual bag panel, colours for the stitching and even the lining. The ultimate in custom laptop bags. They're not cheap, at around £180 for a complete bag, and must also be posted from the US, so get orders in early.