Bringing new meaning to working on the go, two brothers have designed a laptop bag that doubles up as both a mobile chair and desk space. 

One minute you can be carrying your computer in the bag, next you can be pulling up a chair and working from a makeshift desk. 

The concept laptop case is called OpenAire and has been designed by San Francisco siblings Nick and Beau. Once opened up into the work surface, the OpenAire "desk" has been designed to sit comfortably in your lap, while the optional protective shell opens up to become a mobile seat. The bag itself can be carried like a briefcase or worn around the shoulder.

openaire laptop bag transforms into a chair and mobile workdesk image 5

We’re not sure it would persuade us to give up our office space just yet, but for catching up on some work while commuting to the office, or making the most of what little sun we have and working in the park for example, then the OpenAire could appeal to some. It’s certainly a conceptual idea worth keeping an eye on.

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