Finally some laptop loving. French company La Boite Concept has unveiled two desks that double up as laptop docking stations, bringing a little je nais se quoi, and a much-needed power boost.

The LD120 and the larger LD130 are also compatible with smartphones and dedicated music players, but it’s with portable computers that the desks really come into their element. 

Fitted with a total of seven speakers – two at the back, four at the front and a subwoofer underneath – the desks sport a leather finish and are available in a range of colours, including red, grey, white and black, while four dials sit at the back of the desk enabling you to adjust the bass and sound levels.

Laptops are connected to La Boite Conecept’s LD120 and LD130 via a USB connector with a USB sound card that utilises a Burr Brown digital-to-analogue converter.

Both desks will be available from Selfridges and Conran with the LD120 costing £870 and the LD130 with matt feet priced at £1,180 and a lacquered-feet version costing £1,290.

Would you buy the LD120 or LD130? Let us know what you think.