On the other end of the scale to its world's top supercomputer, Fujitsu also used the CEATEC show in Tokyo to show off something with a little less power; the energy harvesting Hybrid Power Generation Device.

We say a little less power; we actually mean a lot less power. Hardly any power at all, in fact – the 5 x 5cm cell has just a 700microWatt output.

But that's made all the more impressive when you consider that this power is generated from the sun, and staggeringly, your own body heat (a nanoWatt of it is, at least).

The idea is that the cell could be worn on your body with power being generated by the difference between your body heat and the ambient air temperature using organic semi-conductor materials.

fujitsu hybrid power generation device on hands image 2

Obviously, on such a small scale you won’t be able to power your mobile devices – at present it is only powerful enough to send small signals to a receiver, but the Fujitsu boffin showing Pocket-lint the cell said that it's just a work in progress.

Future tech, for sure, and possibly a long way off – but we love the though of our bodies being able to juice our gadgets. Fascinating stuff.