Western Digital has announced a new version of its WD TV Live media player, which now comes with Spotify support. It has the ability to stream tracks straight from the cloud-based music service, as well as play up to 1080p video.

Any network drive, USB drive, USB stick, camcorder or camera can be connected up to the WD TV Live and video, stills or music can be played back. It supports formats like avi, mpeg, mkv and vob, amongst many others. 

The real exciting bit abut the new WD TV Live, however, is its Spotify integration, making it an all-in-one streaming experience for just not only your own video, but a vast library of cloud music. You can manage your entire Spotify profile from within the WD box, including playlists and friends. Tracks can be picked out from within your Spotify profile and then sent to friend's inboxes, just like the desktop client. 

"We're really excited to make further steps into the living room with the streaming media players from Western Digital, which from today offer the full Spotify streaming catalog in a truly innovative TV-focused user experience." said Spotify's, Global Head of Hardware Partnerships, Pascal de Mul.

Other online services include things like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, TuneIn Radio and even Pandora. You are going to need to hook the box up to the web via either ethernet of WiFi, but once you have things setup, it looks like the WD TV Live becomes a pretty formidable little media player. 

Spotify is also now available on the 1 TB WD TV Live Hub as well as other WD Live players. The WD TV Live is priced in at $99 in the US, no pricing as of yet on the UK Western Digital store.

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