Wacom, specialist in all things digital-pen related, has announced its latest teched-up scribe - the Wacom Inkling.

Designed with arty types in mind, the digital pen combines with a receiver that clips onto any type of pad meaning you can use normal paper for your digital sketches.

The pen measures pressure (it has 1,024 levels of sensitivity), and then sends details of all the lines it draws to the wireless receiver. The receiver plugs into your PC or Mac and the digital sketches can be viewed or further worked on using a number of programs, including the supplied Inkling Sketch Manager, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

The Inkling can also be teamed up with existing Wacom and Cintiq digital pen tablets and displays too. "For those working with our professional products, the pen is already their input tool of choice," said Guido Möller, product manager professional brands at Wacom Europe.

"Inkling can deliver an immediate ROI to these users by delivering an accelerated and more mobile workflow resulting in digital files that can easily and quickly be transferred to their home or office computer and redrawn using the Intuos or Cintiq pen."

Hitting the shops in October, the Wacom Inkling digital pen will cost £149.99. The pen and receiver fit in a nice little case that also acts as a charging station.