With more and more of our data heading into the cloud, and concerns about just how secure these online storage solutions are (see the Dropbox password cock-up from earlier this week) some people are still taking the external HDD option to back up their files.

And now LaCie has offered up its dual back-up system - the LaCie CloudBox - a 100GB hard drive that also automatically backs up your data in the cloud.

And what's more the cloud based data is all protected by multiple levels of data security including keeping two copies of your files and applying 128-bit AES data encryption before the files are even sent up to the cloud.

The software it comes with works on PC or Mac and you can connect up to 10 computers to your CloudBox. When it comes to file recovery, the CloudBox Restore Application allows you to restore up to 10 previous backup versions.

You don't have to have your PC on for the LaCie CloudBox to operate either, it will begin work and keep in contact with the cloud as soon as files are saved on to it.

It costs £179.99 and this includes 100GB of cloud storage as well for a year. It's available now.