Working in collaboration with Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Cisco, Fujitsu has plans to roll out superfast fibre optic cable across the UK, with the aim of delivering 1Gbps broadband to 5 million homes and businesses.

The eventual network will be an alternative to BT Openreach, and Fujitsu hopes to use some of the UK Government's £530 million budget that has been earmarked to drive investment in superfast broadband in rural communities.

Cisco will be provide the technology underpinning the network, while Virgin Media - which already owns an extensive fibre optic network in the UK, offering speeds of up to 100-meg to customers - and TalkTalk plan to use the new cabling to provide their products (ie. broadband and, perhaps, TV services) in more remote areas of the country.

The company also plans to run its fibre optic cabling directly to customers, rather than street cabinets: "In the vast majority of areas, Fujitsu will run fibre optic cabling directly to the home (FTTH), rather than to the local street cabinet," the company states. "As a result, the Fujitsu network will be one gigabit (1Gbps) symmetric capable from day one with potential to go to 10Gbps and beyond."

And while it has strategic partners, it's keen to stress that other providers can use the network on wholesale terms: "Fujitsu’s network will be truly open access to all ISPs offering the end customer an unrivalled choice of services over a single physical network connection."

Fujitsu also has the backing of the Goverment: "Superfast broadband is already helping businesses grow and improving the lives of those able to access it.  But many rural and hard to reach areas are missing out," says Communication Minister Ed Vaizey.  "The whole of the UK should be able to share in the benefits of broadband and we are determined to make that happen by the end of the Parliament. That is why the Government is investing over £500m in taking superfast broadband to everyone.

“I am delighted that Fujitsu along with Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Cisco share the Government's vision. Creating this superfast broadband network will help improve the economic and social prospects of the homes and businesses where high-speed internet access remains just a dream."

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