How thin to do you need your storage to be? That’s the question Seagate is hoping you’ll ask, and it will be able to answer with the launch of a new portable hard drive that is just slightly thicker than a CD jewel case.

The 9mm-thick drive is capable of storing 320GB of memory and will go by the name of the GoFlex Slim.

The 2.5-inch external drive will cost £79,99 and according to Seagate will 38 per cent leaner than the current GoFlex ultra-portable drives the company stocks.

For those looking for specs rather than catwalk model dimensions, the drive will whirr up to speeds of 7200RPM and comes with a USB 3.0 port for faster transfer alongside USB 2.0 connectivity as well.

As to the question of why you'd opt for a super-thin portable hard drive. Why not? It seems.

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