With the new Apple MacBook Pro the first to incorporate Intel's new Thunderbolt high-speed interface, other manufacturers are beginning to shout that Apple aren't the only ones who'll get the new tech. And Lacie is one of them, as it's just announced the Lacie Little Big Disk.

The new Lacie Little Big Disk has apparently been "brought to market with collaboration from Apple", and is designed to store large audio and video files in order to bring a new level of performance to workflows with ultra-fast data transfer, complete system backup in minutes, and faster content editing.

"Thunderbolt technology is a breakthrough in I/O technology and represents the future of mobile computing. Soon you will be able to carry workstation-class power and functionality in compact devices," said Philippe Spruch, chairman and general manager, Lacie. "LaCie is excited to be one of the first to deliver Thunderbolt technology with the LaCie Little Big Disk."

To be fair "one of the first" is a bit of a stretch, as Lacie will not be launching the Little Big Disk with Thunderbolt until "summer 2011", and there are already rumours that other manufacturers such as Western Digital and Promise might be pipping them with a spring-time launch of devices.

It's tricky to know how much of an impact this new super-speedy connection tech will have on the market in light of USB 3.0, however such is Apple's influence on the market, its lead in making Thunderbolt available early might just make the difference.

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