With CES 2011 all set to kick-off in a matter of hours (at least in terms of press events), the news seems to be trickling out faster than water from a leaky-pipe in Northern Ireland.

And the latest tit-bit of news involves a couple of exciting concept all-in-one PCs from MSI, and also some info on genuine updates to the touch-screen Wind Top machines that strutted their stuff in 2010.

Starting with the concepts (because they are far more exciting), MSI will be showing off the Butterfly, which has a sliding, ten points of contact, multi-touch screen so as you can select the exact angle that you want for your display; and also the Angelow, which we don't know too much about apart from that it looks damn sexy.

msi wind top devices set for ces unveiling image 3

In terms of actual machines that will hit the shops soonish, we're likely to see the AE2410, AE2210 and AE2050, with Intel's new Sandy Bridge chips inside the 22 and 24-inch machines and the low-powered AMD Brazos APU for the 20-inch version.

The all-in-ones will reportedly have a Blu-ray drive and USB 3.0 connectivity with Super Charger tech on board, meaning you can charge your devices even when the computer is off.

CES 2011 kicks off good and proper later on this week, so make sure you keep checking Pocket-lint for all the news as it breaks.

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