Flash Rods has long offered customised USB flash memory sticks in the shapes of cars, classic and new, but this DeLorean is surely the company's crowning moment. It's a superb scale model of the timeless time machine from Back to the Future, and while it doesn't have a working Flux Capacitor, it does sport a juicy bit of tech.

Hidden discretely in its bowels is an integrated 500GB Seagate hard drive, with a USB port in the back for hook up to a PC or Mac. Plus, Flash Rods supplies a 6ft long USB cable, so you can run it from some distance away.

The only downside to owning such an amazing bit of movie ephemera is its price, a cool $250 (£158), which is a fair penny for a 500GB hard drive. However, such well built, limited edition scale models don't generally come much cheaper, and they're just full of dust and air. Probably.

Flash Rods will ship anywhere in the World (for an additional fee, naturally), but it's worth noting that it can take around 2 to 5 weeks for delivery during the holiday season. Check out www.flashrods.com for more info, and the company's other amazing product range.

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