What you're looking at here is the, as yet not even officially announced, MSI GT663 gaming notebook that was on show at the Nvidia showcase in London.

The gaming PC comes with either an Intel Core i7 or i5 chip, with an Nvidia GeForce GT460M chip on board, for smooth gaming. With the i5 version you'll also benefit from Nvidia's Optimus technology, but this isn't supported with the i7 as of yet.

Inside, you'll be seeing up to 12GB of RAM, although Pocket-lint was told that the notebooks will go on sale with 6GB and 8GB varieties. Storage will be courtesy of two 500GB, 7200rpm HDDs.

The MSI GT663 has a 15.6-inch, full HD display and comes with a Blu-ray drive and Dynaudio sound built in. We were told that the sound is, for a 15.6-inch machine, "second to none".

The machines will be officially announced on 1 October, and should go on sale later that month.

Prices for the i7 version will be around £1699 and £899+ for the i5 version.