Storage specialist LaCie has unleashed its latest USB drive - the ultra-diddy LaCie MosKeyto.

The MosKeyto is so tiny that you'll simply be able to plug it into your system and forget about it - handy if you're rocking an older netbook for example, that is running desperately short of storage space.

The flash drive measure less than 20mm and weighs under 10g - but you'll still get up to 8GB of space on board.

"While the MosKeyto has resemblance to a bug, with its small size and big bytes, this USB key is far from pesky," said Alexis Kobassian, accessories product manager at LaCie.

"It provides high capacities in a low-profile connector, allowing you to insert it into your notebook and forget it. And with its low cost/gigabyte price, you can forget about that, too."

The LaCie MosKeyto is out now - the 4GB version is £19.99 and the 8GB one is £24.99. Get it direct from LaCie and you'll also get 4GB of online storage with Wuala.