MSI has slapped a DX on the end of its U135 netbook model, giving us the revamped MSI Wind U135DX - which promises better performance and better battery life.

The spec is fairly standard for a sub £250 netbook. You're looking at a Atom N455 processor (with over-clocking via turbo drive engine technology) with up to 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

The screen is 10 inches and LED backlit, and has the usual netbook resolution for a screen size of 1024 x 600. MSI is saying that you'll get up to 7 hours battery life.

It has a colour print film to protect it from scratching when you're lugging it about and it should be nice to use as a result of the chiclet keyboard, which has independent keys, and a wider touchpad.

If you're looking for a budget netbook, then you may want to consider the U135DX. MSI's Wind range has consistently scored highly in our reviews over time.

The MSI Wind U135DX is out in August and will cost £229.