Notebooks have generally become cheap mass produced products, and it’s hard for any one manufacturer to differentiate itself from its peers, so everyone is looking for that special, stand-out feature.

MSI believes its got one...

Not only does the GT660 come with a 3D display, it also has high-end speakers as standard.

MSI has been collaborating with Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio to create, what has to be said, is some of, if not the best, notebook speakers we’ve ever heard - resulting in loud, clear sound with teeth rattling bass levels. And MSI will be using similar speaker technology in future notebooks, albeit without the co-branding. 

The GT660 is a high-end gaming notebook with Nvidia’s GTX 285M graphics card, but rather than use the company's 3D Vision technology, MSI has decided to go for a slightly more affordable solution.

It marries the notebook with a pair of passive 3D glasses instead, and, while this doesn’t give quite as good a 3D impression, it's much better than expected. MSI has also managed to find a pair of 3D glasses that doesn’t make you look like a total dork. 

Featuring a quad core Core i7-720QM processor, the GT660 also has up to 12GB of RAM, and can hold two hard drives in RAID. The base model should cost about £1,300 plus VAT when it launches in the UK later this year.