One for budding artists, MSI’s Sketch Book is not just a conventional netbook, flip the keyboard around and on the back you’ll find a surface on which you can draw with a stylus. If you’re familiar with Wacom tablets, then you know what we’re talking about.

MSI has told us that they have working versions of the Sketch Book in its labs, but the company is still trying to decide if it will launch it or not. It’s not the most powerful computer around, although it will feature the latest generation Atom processor.

The screen measures 12 inches, but there is no indication of its resolution. The novel round touchpad just below the screen also makes for a very distinctive look. We’re not sure what the two buttons on each side of the drawing surface are for though, but presumably they have something to do with its usage.

We’ll see if MSI decides to launch the Sketch Pad, but we’re most excited about this as an affordable educational tool than Asus’ Eee Tablet with its monochrome screen. The Sketch Pad is, at least, a fully featured netbook at the same time, as you can use it for drawing and scribbling down some quick notes.