One Laptop Per Child's aim of getting a sub $100 device is 2 years ahead of its original target according to its founder. However, even though the XO-3 is due for a CES unveiling in January 2011, the NPO is again, going to fail to meet its big objectives as certain features planned for the tablet device will be missing.

The device will not have all-plastic components for durability as was planned and it won't be waterproof. OLPC has struck a deal with Marvell and the processor will be around 1GHz, not .8GHz as touted. Reflective, low-powered displays will also be missing from the XO-3 that launches in January.

Nicholas Negroponte, OLPC founder said: "This is a stepping stone. We haven't changed our mission. It's all still on the road map".

There's no doubt that the OLPC idea is a good and noble idea in theory. But it's been a scheme shrouded in disappointments. The original XO went well above the $100 price-tag it was supposed to be and its follow up, the XO-2, never made it past the design stage.

Let's hope OLPC has more luck third time around.