MSI has offered more details of its Slatebook due to be launched at Computex next month saying it will feature a “low power” Intel Atom processor, most likely the Z-series, come with a 10-inch screen and it be powered by Windows 7.

If that wasn't enough to possibly stop you buying an iPad come Friday, MSI is also claiming an 8 hour battery life for the Slatebook and that it will pack both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

It will also come with a docking station and it will have USB and HDMI connectivity.

At 800g it’s going to be heavier than Apple’s iPad, but this is a full fat computer, as it's running a desktop OS rather that Apple's iPhone OS.

We’ll make sure to get you the rest of the details on the Slatebook once it launches at Computex next month. 

And yes, the image above is the best that MSI currently has.

We will keep you posted.