AMD has unleashed its 2010 line up of computer processors on the laptops of the world. Consumers will be able to find the AMD Vision 2010 CPUs on 130 new notebooks which increases Vision's presence in the market threefold.

What users get out of opting for one, is what AMD describes as twice the video performance of any other competitor and Full 1080p HD support from the top to bottom of the range - no matter what model you buy.

amd makes power play with all hd 2010 vision range image 3

At the netbook or ultra-thin end of things, the processors boast all day computing, proper multitasking - or megatasking as the company were referring to it whilst demonstrating video and photo editing applications - as well as ripping movies in half the time and providing smoother video playback.

For full size laptops, they're offering triple and quad core processors, 7-hour-plus battery life, top-end 3D gaming graphics, 50 per cent faster music transcoding and 37 per cent on video.

amd makes power play with all hd 2010 vision range image 2

2010 is also the first time the Vision system will be coming to desktops, with the chips available in both ready-built and for those who wish to construct their own machines as well. There'll be 6-core processors in the line up with twice the frame rate for games like Left For Dead 2. While the notebook range will feature "Basic", "Premium" and "Ultimate" levels of the CPU, it's the desktops that will have access to these top-end "Black" processors.

Acer has already unveiled its new Vision machines and we can expect more from MSI, Asus, HP, Toshiba and Dell who were all represented at the press conference in Cannes.