BenQ has extended its line of monitors to include a new model - the V2410T, which the company describes as " tastefully stylish and yet environmentally conscious".

It's got a height-adjustable neck, meaning that you don't have to adjust your chair - you can opt to adjust your monitor instead. It also has LED backlighting, which reduces its energy usage 44% , compared to the CCFL tubes found in older TFTs. BenQ also says: "LED monitors are free of the arsenic substance of mercury" - which confused us a bit. Are the company's machines free of mercury or arsenic? Or both?

There's a hotkey on the side of the device that lets you switch between the native 16:9 aspect ratio and any other of your choice, and it has a 1920x1080 resolution. It's got Windows 7 certification, too, meaning that you can use Windows 7's colour systems to calibrate it.

The BenQ V2410T will be available from 1 May, and costs £200, including VAT.