BenQ has announced a small stack of computer monitors, for those of you considering upgrading from an old CRT. They run the gamut from 18.5-inch to 24-inch, and offer what BenQ calls "class-leading slimness" - 14mm or 15mm depending on the display size.

All have low power consumption, a dynamic contrast ratio of about 10,000,000:1 and a series of preset modes to give optimisation for different types of content - games, movies, photos, sRGB work, "standard" and an "Eco" mode that dims the display further. There's independent colour management and zero light leakage, as well as the ability for the monitor to auto-adjust depending on lighting conditions.

Features-wise, all have DVI and D-Sub connectors, and the models with an "H" also include a headphone jack and an HDMI 1.3 port. The V920 measures 18.5 inches across and costs £109, the V2220 and V2220H are 21.5 inches across and cost £160 and £189 respectively, and the V2420 and V2420H both measure 24 inches and cost £191 and £215. The V920, V2220H and V2420 models will arrive in March, followed by the V2320 and V2420H in June.