At CeBIT in Germany, MSI has announced that it'll be exhibiting an updated range of all-in-one PCs that comes with multitouch 3D touchscreens. MSI claims that these are the first products of their kind in the world.

They use a 120Hz panel and active shutter glasses to display 3D content, and the 22- and 24-inch models contain Intel's most recent chips - the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, along with Intel's Turbo Boost tech that gives power when you need it and offers battery savings when you don't. They also include premium speakers built-in to the frame - 5W for the Wind Top AE2280, AE2260 and AE2220, and 10W for the AE2400 and AE2420.

MSI's various all-in-ones come in 18.5-inch, 19.5-inch, 21.5-inch, and 23.5-inch designs in a range of different colours. We don't have any information yet on pricing or availability, but as soon as these computers start to roll out onto shop shelves, we'll make sure we tell you about it.