LaCie has announced the release of a ruggedised eSATA external hard drive - a new member of its rugged family of devices. The idea is to offer high speed connectivity in a device that's easy to carry around and resilient to the odd knock that it might get.

The casing is made of varnished, scratch-protected aluminium with a rubber casing that should defuse any short sharp shocks that it gets. As well as the outer squishiness, there's also internal anti-shock bumpers for added safety. Thanks to all that, LaCie reckons you can drop it from 2.2 metres and have it still work okay - so long as it's not transferring data at the time.

Previously LaCie offered rugged drives featuring Firewire 800 and 400, and USB 2.0 connectivity. The eSATA option will push speeds of up to 90MBps when hooked up to a Power eSATA port, and it's compatible with standard eSATA ports too.

The device will only be available in one capacity - 500GB at 7200rpm - and it can be found in LaCie's web store and from various resellers. It costs £130, and it's available right now.