If you received a new laptop this Christmas and are feeling the festive spirit then London-based charity Computer Aid International is hoping you'll donate your old equipment to help those less fortunate this Christmas.

The government-approved charity will take your old PC or laptop, 100% data wipe it, rebuild its hard drive and then send it to a not-for-profit organisation in Africa or South America bringing new prospects to those less fortunate.

Computer Aid International has already refurbished over 160,000 PCs for use in schools, hospitals and community projects and says your old PC or laptop "could play a key role in enriching education, advancing healthcare and generating employment opportunities across the developing world".

A nice touch is that the charity's asset tracking service also means you can find out exactly where your equipment is being used.
To find out more about how you can donate old computer equipment and help communities in the developing world, visit www.computeraid.org or call the charity on 020 8361 5540.