ViewSonic has announced that its 13.3-inch ViewBook Pro laptop is coming to Europe, along with the 12.1-,  13.3- and 14-inch standard ViewBook notebooks. We had previously covered their release in the Far East.

They all come pre-installed with Windows 7, and contain ultra-low voltage processors and LED backlights that Viewsonic reckons should pump up the battery life to an epic 12 hours. Once you hit that, the ViewBook Pro has hot swapping support that means you can switch to a second battery without powering down.

The Pro weighs 1.6kg, is 1.7cm thick and contains an internal DVD writer, fingerprint scanner and multi-touch trackpad. The Viewbook 130 and 140 have multi-touch trackpads too, along with HDMI and analogue VGA-out.

Lastly, the 12-inch Viewbook 120 comes in Black or White and has a screen with an anti-glare matt finish, meaning that it'll hopefully still stay readable in direct sunlight. It has a multi-touch trackpad too, a VGA-out port and a 7-in-1 card reader.

The ViewBook Pro costs £700 or £730, depending on the options you pick. The ViewBook 140 is £630, the Viewbook 130 ranges from £500 to £650 and the ViewBook 120 costs £470. They're all available now.