Best Thunderbolt 3 docks 2021: Top docks for maximum performance

With 13 options for connectivity and 85W charging, there's a huge amount on offer here. 

(image credit: Anker)

With plenty of options, this is a fantastic dock that looks the part too. 

(image credit: Corsair)

The Belkin dock is the best if you have stacks of legacy USB-A gear.  

(image credit: Belkin)

If you connect to DisplayPort monitors, this is a great dock. 

(image credit: CalDigit)

Great if you have a bunch of newer peripheral devices that use USB-C or Thunderbolt 3. 

(image credit: Elgato)

This is the best option if you have lots of older hardware that uses USB-A.

(image credit: Plugable)
A serious portable option for pro users on the go. (image credit: Anker)

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