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(Pocket-lint) - Adding extra storage to your PC, whether you've built it with gaming in mind or want to use it for work, is a great way to get a bit more space, and thankfully doesn't have to mean a big spending spree.

Some of the simplest and quickest options out there are SATA-powered 2.5-inch SSDs, which have the advantage of being significantly faster than traditional hard drives, as well as being much smaller. They're really easy to install, and most come with instructions in case you're not clear on that side of things. We've gathered some of the very best options on the market for you, right here, comprising options at a few price-points. 

Our pick of the best 2.5-inch SSDs to buy today

Pocket-lintBest SATA SSD 2021: Expand your PC storage the speedy way photo 1

Samsung 870 EVO


Samsung is one of the most well-respected names in the SSD business, and has been putting out superb drives for years now. One of its most recent is the superb 870 EVO, which boasts impressive read and write speeds that both exceed 500MB/s.

It's a great option regardless of what use you're planning for it, gaming, professional or otherwise, and also represents really solid value, which is impressive given its freshness on the market.

CrucialBest SATA SSD 2021: Expand your PC storage the speedy way photo 5

Crucial MX500


Crucial's MX500 has been a mainstay in this industry for years, and that sort of loyalty doesn't just come out of nowhere. It's a well-made, well-performing drive that doesn't cost the earth and will get the job done.

If you're looking for solid speed and a really reasonable price, this is a great bet. It might not be a spring chicken, but it's still a great value option.

SandiskBest SATA SSD 2021: Expand your PC storage the speedy way photo 4

SanDisk SSD Plus


If value is your absolute top priority, though, you might want to go straight for this great drive from SanDisk, which is super affordable and therefore an easy way to upgrade your PC without spending too much.

That doesn't make it a slouch, though - this is a drive that can still reach very impressive speeds, and it's more than enough to impress if you're moving from older HDD tech.

KingstonBest SATA SSD 2021: Expand your PC storage the speedy way photo 6



If you're looking for a really cut-price way to get more storage, though, this might be the ultimate option. The cost of, for example, this version of this drive from Kingston is almost bafflingly low, meaning you could get it to move your OS files onto and hugely speed up your PC while spending a really small amount.

That's a powerful option, and it's one that's really unlocked by the pricing. Still, performance is also really solid, so it's a potent combination all in all. 

HPBest SATA SSD 2021: Expand your PC storage the speedy way photo 2

HP S700 Pro


If you're getting more into the detail of comparisons between drives you might start to notice that they're rated to last through certain amounts of use. All of the numbers touted are generally sky-high, but still - if you want a drive that's going to last for years and years, through multiple computers, this option from HP is a potent one.

It's rated to last for 2 million hours of use, which is a couple of centuries, so we don't see it failing any time soon. That means you can pick it up in confidence that it'll stand the test of time. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 20 January 2021.