Best USB to HDMI cables 2021: Sync up your gadgets with these top adapters and cords

A long, high-performance cable that can deliver fast connections between your devices.

(image credit: Uni)

A handy adapter that can deliver decent performance from your USB-C device to a monitor or TV.

(image credit: QGeeM)

Deliver content from your USB-C device to HDMI with this high-speed cable.

(image credit: Syntech)

A solid adapter for those with USB 3.0 ports that want to project to a bigger screen.

(image credit: Ablewe)

A reliable and fast cable that can bridge your USB-C and HDMI devices.

(image credit: Uoeos)

A simple but effective cable that can help you mirror or extend your USB-C device to an HDMI screen.

(image credit: Choetech)