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(Pocket-lint) - If you're either getting more into PC gaming or thinking of upgrading the PC you've already got, you're probably starting to find out just how many components there are to make sure you both choose and install right.

Random-access memory, more commonly called RAM, is one of the smallest, and most affordable parts of any gaming rig, and thankfully is also possibly the easiest to install out of any of it. However, you'll want to ensure that you pick RAM that's right for your needs and system. We've brought together some of the very best RAM options on the market for you to pick from, at a range of budgets. 

Our guide to the best RAM to buy today

Pocket-lintBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 3

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB


When it comes to RAM, we think that the right pick for most people will be the one from our mid-range PC build - 32GB of Corsair memory with a splash of RGB lighting to help accent the aesthetics of your build.

It's DDR4, meaning that you'll get really solid speeds from it, and while 32GB is a pretty significant amount of memory for most people, we think it makes sense as a future-proofing decision that'll keep your PC nice and quick for years to come. 

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Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB


If you're looking for something at the more extreme end of the market, though, Corsair can help out there, too - its Dominator Platinum RAM is chunky, and super, super quick. 

It spreads its memory over four sticks of 8GB each, and also has RGB options to suit your needs, while the white version can make for a really clean look in your build, too. It's more than most people need but could be perfect for an extreme build. 

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HyperX Fury HX426C16FB3/8


If you don't think you need as much memory - perhaps because you're building a work PC that doesn't need to power through games, you'll likely be fine with just 8GB of RAM for now, and it'll make sure that costs are kept down.

This stick from HyperX is still DDR4, as you'd hope, and while it's slower than Corsair's options, it's still a great buy for a really affordable price. 

CorsairBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 5

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB


If 8GB seems like too little, and 32GB feels like overkill, there's a happy middle ground to be found in the form of 16GB of RAM - in fact, it's probably the amount being chosen by most people building PCs at the moment. 

This pair of sticks from Corsair isn't spectacular to look at but gets the job done very nicely and will give you the speed needed to run demanding games, even if it might not last for years. 

G.SkillBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 10

G.Skill Trident Z RGB


G.Skill's Trident line of RAM has a sky-high reputation, with good reason - it's a great set of memory that also brings a really nice RGB light strip to the party. 

You get really solid 3,200 MHz speeds here, and the price for 16GB of memory is very solid, especially given the vouchsafes it comes with as far as quality is concerned. 

Vulcan ZBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 6

Team Vulcan Z 16GB


Another great 16GB set of RAM is offered up by the slightly less well-known Team Vulcan Z, which has managed an impressive feat in keeping the sticks' costs down while still delivering good 3,200MHz speeds.

That's good enough for plenty of gaming, and certainly more than enough for work tasks.

CrucialBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 7

Crucial Ballistix 16GB


Crucial is a bit more iconic as a tech brand, and its RAM sticks might not be very interesting to look at, but they do an able job. 

This is another 16GB set, so it's once more perfect for those looking at a mid-range build or upgrade, and it also won't break the bank. 

OloyBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 8

Oloy DDR4 RAM 16GB


Our final pick is this set of RAM from Oloy, which comes in a variety of sizes, although we still think 16GB could be what most people need. 

It's got a nice, metallic look to it that will blend in easily with most builds, and while 3,000MHz isn't the most blistering of speeds, it's priced really aggressively to make sure that it's still a great choice for those on a budget. 

SamsungBest RAM 2020: Equip your PC with super-fast memory photo 9

Samsung 32GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM Memory Module for Laptops


Of course, it's important to recognize that you might not be buying RAM for your desktop PC - if you've got a laptop that allows for it, upgrading your RAM can give a nice boost to a portable machine. 

This Samsung module is perfect in just that sort of case, bringing a chunky 32GB of memory in a small module that can slot right into your device. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.