Best graphics card 2021: Get a GPU to power you to gaming bliss

This is not only a great looking card, but one you can use to game at 8K if you have a screen capable of doing so. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

An aesthetically pleasing, superbly capable graphics card that's worth every penny. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

A brilliant GPU at a sensible price that will stand the test of time. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

A really impressive, chunky card. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

A good mid-range card from a couple of generations ago. 

(image credit: ZOTAC)

XFX has a really impressive lower-priced card here. 

(image credit: XFX)

Great for budget gaming PCs. 

(image credit: Nvidia)