(Pocket-lint) - Finding the right USB Type-C charging cable for your devices is essential, given that most of the top smartphones, tablets and laptops now feature the port as their power source.

The standard has rapidly taken over from Micro-USB in recent years, offering a more user-friendly design while also delivering faster data transfer and charging speeds.

However, not all of these newfangled cables are the same. You'll find that some come in packs, allowing you to keep spares at work, in the car or dotted around the house, and there's often a big variation in cable length.

Having said that, these are generally the biggest differentiators, and, in fact, third-party options will almost always provide a more durable design than your out-the-box cable and still have a USB-A fitting on the other end to match your charging brick.

Below, we've highlighted some of the best to help you stay powered for longer.

Top USB-C charging cables to buy today 


JSAUX USB-C (Two-Pack)


Ideal for those who want two cables with different lengths, JSAUX's USB-A to USB-C gives you both a 3-foot and a mammoth 10-foot option. 

The nylon braiding on the lead ensures it remains durable, with the company suggesting it can withstand around 10,000 bends. 

It can also transfer data up to 60Mbps, though just note you will need a compatible charging brick to take advantage of speedier charging standards. 


Anker USB-C (Two-Pack)


If you just want a reliable two-pack of the same length, Anker's 6-foot nylon braided cables are a solid choice.

The USB-C leads bring a braided nylon design to the fore, offering fast charging capabilities (with a supported plug) and data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps.

This pair can feel a little rigid at times, but it should be able to hold up for around 12,000 bends, making them a great, long-lasting replacement for your standard cable.


CyvenSmart USB-C (Three-Pack)


Sometimes you just need your trusty USB-C cable in multiple places at once, and, if that's a struggle you can relate to, CyvenSmart's three-pack is here to help.

All the cables here are all 3-feet, and, while not the longest you can pick up, they do work well in offices and around bedside tables. 

Providing you have a supported outlet, the cable is able to work with fast charging, and the metal spring on each end of the cable should mean fraying is a non-issue.


SmallElectric USB-C (Five-Pack)


For the person who never quite has a charging cable nearby, this borderline-unnecessary five-pack is the answer to your wishes.

The 6-feet cable length (featured on all the cables) means you'll rarely be trying to reach a wall outlet, and the braided nylon design should ensure the lead remains free from any damage up to roughly 12,000 bends.

For the outlay, this is a solid package. There's certainly more durable, faster options on the market, but picking up five of them is going to set you back considerably.


Raviad USB-C Cable (Four-Pack)


Raviad's affordable four-pack is a great way to ensure you have a backup in your pocket and still have a fixed charging point at home, in the car and at work.

The braided nylon lead can withstand up to 8,000 bends, with all coming in a different size - 0.5-meters, 1-meter, 2-meter and 3-meter.

This is ideal for picking and choosing exactly which fits best in your charging setup and can also negate the need for cable ties or overstretching.


Elebase USB-C (Three-Pack)


Elebase offers a reasonably priced three-pack of USB-C cables, handily mixing up the sizes to help you place them more effectively around your home or office. 

Having three lengths - 1.5-feet, 3-feet and 6-feet - should mean you can spend less time faffing around with cable ties or trying to make one reach your device, and the nylon design means the cord should remain durable throughout plenty of use.

If the standard silver finish isn't your cup of tea, there are also six other colors to choose between.


Gritin USB-C Cable (Three-Pack)


Like other options, Gritin lets you match the cable length to the charging point, with its three cables all coming in different sizes. 

Whether you want 1-meter, 1.5-meter or 2-meter cables to fit around your home, office or car, these are reliable and available for a very reasonable asking price.

If you want to be able to distinguish between the three a bit more easily, you can also pick up the set in a red-blue-green finish, not just grey.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.