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(Pocket-lint) - With keyboards acting as an essential cog in your gaming and home office setup, it never hurts to get the best possible option for your desk. While you're at it, why not pick up one with backlit keys, too?

These LEDs aren't required to make the keyboard work any better, of course, but they do add a touch of colour to your operation. Also known as RGB keyboards (which stands for red-blue-green), these options are becoming increasingly popular. However, while the ones detailed below do all share the same appreciation for LED output, they do offer different levels of customization and skills. 

To help you decide which LED keyboard is the top choice for you, we've outlined some of the best. 

Best RGB keyboards available to buy today

SteelSeriesBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 7

SteelSeries Apex 5


SteelSeries' Apex 5 certainly sits on the pricier end of RGB keyboards, but it's an excellent package for PC gamers.

The mechanical keyboard is durable - made from what the company describes as an aircraft aluminium alloy - and also gives you relatively unlimited customization, with 16.8 million colours available to each key.

The design also features a handy rest for your wrist, as well as a small OLED display in the top-right to let you view game information, Discord messages, GIFs, and more.

Pocket-lintBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 9

Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro


Roccat's come up with a beautiful little keyboard here - it's a fully mechanical setup that we particularly like in this tenkeyless version. There's not much ornamentation beyond a volume dial and mute button, so it's perfect for RGB minimalists.

You get loads of control over your lighting, though, using Roccat's Swarm software, with AIMO mode a particular favourite for automatically adaptive lighting as you play and work. The optical-mechanical switches are satisfying and responsive, too, and the industrial look of the keyboard is something special. 

RiiBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 2

Rii RK100+


Rii's RK100+ is a great example of how you can get a professional-looking LED keyboard for an extremely reasonable price.

It's doesn't offer a mechanical key design, but it is able to at least replicate the feel to a certain degree. The lighting can also be sent into a rainbow pattern underneath the keys with the touch of, well, a key, and be turned off if your eyes want a break from the colourful magic.

The 17.1 x 5.3 x 0.9-inch unit is pretty much compatible with any PC you can think of, and is a great choice for those who just want a simple upgrade on their out-the-box keyboard.

RedragonBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 3

Redragon K556


Redragon's K556 is a perfect mid-level choice for those who want a backlit mechanical keyboard.

You get the tactile ergonomics of more expensive picks with plenty of great features here, including 18 backlit modes to pick between and the ability to adjust the brightness of the LEDs.

For those who want to take the customization to the keys themselves, Redragon has made keycaps removable, while also offering brown switches and eight backup switches - ideal for gamers.

PictekBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 5

Pictek Gaming Keyboard


Pictek's backlit keyboard gives you an excellent budget offering that doesn't skimp on the RGB action, giving you seven different modes to pick between.

This already separates it from plenty of similarly-priced rivals, with the unit itself offering other nice features, such as a range of multimedia and shortcut keys.

The keys are anti-ghosting, too, and, with a win-lock function also present, this makes it much more useable for gamers. An ideal option for those looking to save some cash and still pick up a very functional gaming keyboard. 

VictSingBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 4

VictSing Gaming Keyboard


Another wallet-friendly RGB option comes from VictSing, with this all-metal panel offering solid durability.

Like other cheaper models, it isn't truly mechanical, but it does manage to replicate the touch of one to a certain extent. And, if you're mainly here for the colors, well, just know that you don't get the choice between different modes - they're either off or on. 

All in all, it's a no-frills keyboard that's best for casual gamers and those who want in on the ground floor of RGB fun.

ChonchowBest LED keyboards: RGB delights to adorn your desk and gaming setup photo 6

Chonchow Gaming Keyboard


Chonchow offers you wild value with its LED keyboard package, which also includes a mouse and mousemat.

The RGB keys offer anti-ghosting functionality, while the LEDs underneath can be tweaked to show light in two different modes and four levels of brightness.

We will note that there's no expert-level customization or functions available here, but it is a solid budget pickup for those who just want to add some colors to their desk - and pair this with an RGB mouse, too.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 20 October 2020.