(Pocket-lint) - Whether you're working from home full-time, or just doing the occasional day in your home office, a frequent issue for people across a range of different industries can be getting their monitor adjusted to the right height.

If you have a laptop, you might want a specific stand made for a portable machine, but for a standalone monitor, you'll need a more solid construction. It's amazing how many monitors don't let you change the height without an external stand, so they can be really key, and can make a big difference ergonomically. We've brought together some of the best options on the market for you to consider, right here. 

Our pick of the top monitor stands to buy today

Twelve South

Twelve South Curve Riser


Twelve South has a quite justified reputation for producing incredibly well-made accessories for your favorite tech, and this sturdy but light stand is another such classic.

It's made from high-grade aluminum and can take far more weight than you might think, all while elevating your display by about 10cm, which while not a huge margin, makes a telling difference while you work. 

The Curve Riser is pretty expensive, but you're paying for real quality and a minimalist look that's perfect for any desk. 


AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand


We know that most people probably aren't expecting to pay too much for a monitor riser, though, so this AmazonBasics option is a great way to sidestep the cost. 

Plus, it has the benefit of being adjustable, with three different heights you can use it at, which is great for workstations multiple people might be using. However, it does feel a lot cheaper as a result, with its plastic construction not quite as impressive. 


Huanuo Monitor Stand


If you've got an all-in-one that gets pretty hot while you use it, or just want something that allows for more airflow for another reason, this stand from Huanuo could work nicely.

It's also adjustable, although the mechanism is slightly flimsy, but has a range of perforations to make sure that air gets through easily. It's also pretty subtle, although nowhere near as nice to look at as Twelve South's.


Amada Bamboo Monitor Stand


Perhaps you want a stand that blends a little more naturally into a wooden desk setup, or one that just isn't quite so office-looking. 

This bamboo stand from Amada could be perfect, with its nice light-grained wood finish and plenty of space underneath it for storage. Slats at the top, meanwhile, make for good organization aids and can even stand your phone up. 


AmazonBasics Wood Monitor Stand


Amazon has its own wooden stand option, too, though, with this simple bench-like construction. It's actually really nice to look at, with a walnut counter-top and those two metal loops standing it all up.

It's a little pricier than more basic options, but still, half the price of the Twelve South stand while providing a decent amount of class. 


Invision PC Monitor Arm


Our final option is a slight swerve - we've stuck to desktop stands for this list, but know that some people might want a monitor mount like this arm.

It's a bit more complicated a solution, but if your monitor works with a standard mount, it can give you a generous amount of freedom to position your screen however you like. That said, you will end up with a workstation that looks pretty official.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.