(Pocket-lint) - Getting a solid desktop PC can be a bit of a gamechanger in different ways. Depending on what you buy or build, it could mean getting a machine that unlocks your potential for home working, or it could be a monster gaming rig for recreational purposes.

Either way, though, you're going to want to pair it with some proper speakers, to make sure that you're not stuck with muted video or forced to always used headphones if you want to hear anything. We've gathered some of the very best speakers for desktop computers right here for you to pick from. 

Our pick of the best desktop PC speakers to buy today


Creative Pebble Desktop Speakers


Creative has a wide range of really impressive speakers for your desktop, including some that go up to extremely expensive price tags, but we think the best pick for most people is its Pebble set.

These are really affordable, but they also have a fun and unique design that makes them a great addition to any setup. They sound really solid and are small enough to not dominate a desk. 


Logitech G560


Logitech is one of the kings of the computer peripheral world, and it's no surprise that it's got its fingers in the pie when it comes to speakers. It, like Creative, has a few to pick from.

Our best-loved, though, are the G650, a great pair of speakers that work really nicely with the accompanying subwoofer to get a major boost to their base. They also look great, with clean RGB capabilities that are perfect for gaming. 


Creative GigaWorks T20


Creative strikes again with this mid-range speaker set, and while they don't have the same funky design as the Pebbles, the splash of yellow on the speakers still make the T20 something memorable. 

They also sound really great and have a pretty classic desktop look to them, making them fit in really nicely either side of a computer monitor. 


Bose Companion 2 Series III


Bose is a really well-known audio brand, so it's no surprise that it's got some great speakers to offer up in this category, too. The Companion 2 are so good that this is the third time Bose has updated them subtly. 

You get really nice balanced sound, as per Bose's pedigree, and a design that's really mature and classy.


Razer Nommo Pro


If you want a distinctive look for your setup, gaming expert Razer might have an option for you in the form of the Nommo Pro, a funky-looking pair of speakers with a powerful sub to go with them.

These sound really excellent and are well-balanced for your gaming needs, plus a handy little puck controller gives you easy volume control on your desktop.


Logitech Z623


Our last option again comes from Logitech, with a mid-range system that has a massive sub to make sure that it can pump out bass to compete with anything. 

The design is industrial, with exposed speaker grilles that we really like, although it could be a little brutal for some people's tastes. For a mid-range speaker setup with a subwoofer, though, this is well-priced and well-specified. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.