(Pocket-lint) - There are still plenty of us out there who doubtless remember very well the glory years of desktop computers that were absolutely huge, whether in an office setting or at home.

The fact is, though, that over time computers have been shrinking further and further, with cracking computers now available in frankly tiny packages. We've gathered some of the very best mini PCs (and one Mac for you Apple fans) for you to choose from right here. 

Our pick of the best mini PCs to buy today


HP Z2 Mini G4

HP's arguably a bit of a grandmaster when it comes to small form-factor computers, and it has another far more mainstream entry further down this list.

We've started, though, with its apex predator, the Z2 Mini, which is a frankly amazing PC. It can be configured in a few different ways, but regardless of what you opt for it packs an unbelievable punch for its size. That said, you will pay for the privilege! 


Lenovo ThinkCentre M710q


Knowing that HP's Z2 Mini G4 is a seriously pricey machine, we've come a long way down the budget scale with this Lenovo PC, which gets everything you need into a impressively tiny box. 

You get a useful array of ports, and a solid, if not super-powerful set of components, but that's more than enough to power most people's family computer or workstation. 


Apple Mac mini (2018)


We know, we know - it's a Mac. But inside this is still an Intel-powered mini PC. The fact is, though, that a lot of people are used to using MacOS on MacBooks, and if they're looking for a desktop computer that's nice and small, the Mac mini is a superb option.

You'll get a superb and powerful Mac in a frankly minute box, with Apple's trademark design skill making for a refined, subtle look. 


HP ProDesk 600 G5

HP's got a slightly different proposition compared to the Z2 featured up above, with a less out-there design but some similarly impressive specs packed into it, in the form of the ProDesk 500 G5.

This is a business-like PC that will crunch through most producitivity tasks easily, all the while fitting on hardly any desk at all.


Intel NUC Frost Canyon


Intel might be most well-known for its processors, but it's also got a nice sideline in small PCs, and this model is a real highlight.

It's a little more bare-bones than the others above and doesn't look a million dollars, but the specs packed in might just be the best value on this list, and you can also find an even smaller version if this device is too big for your tastes. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.