(Pocket-lint) - Modern laptops are as slim and lightweight as they've ever been, and that means many of them are absolutely gorgeous to look at. That said, it's also true that they largely don't cope well with even small drops or bangs, so getting a case for travel or storage is a must.

There are plenty of cases out there that cater to all sizes, but 13-inch laptops are increasingly being seen as the default size that most people end up with. If you're looking for a case for your new 13-inch laptop, whether it's a Windows machine, a Apple MacBook or Chromebook, we've got some great options for you to pick from right here. 

The best 13-inch laptop cases to buy today

Twelve South

Twelve South Journal


Twelve South makes a whole heap of great accessories for a variety of devices, and we've been using the Journal case for our laptop for a good while now. 

It's sturdy without being totally hard and offers nice protection while also bringing with it an obvious touch of class, thanks to its leather construction. 


Woolnut Leather & Wool Sleeve


If you're into the leather aesthetic of Twelve South's case, but don't want to fuss around with a zip, Woolnut's come up with a great option with this sleeve.

You can slide most 13-inch laptops in and out fairly easily, but with enough friction that they won't fall out accidentally. That said, it's built with MacBooks specifically in mind, so might be a risk for other models. 


JETech Laptop Sleeve


If you're looking for something a tad more basic, but also a case that's much more likely to fit all manner of 13-inch laptops, this could be a success.

JETech's case is really impressive for the price, with solid build quality and really good cushioning to keep your device safe and sound. 


Inateck Case


For a slightly tighter fit and less roomy case, Inateck's got you covered with this excellent case.

It's also got a handy external pocket for storing cables, dongles, or whatever else you can fit in it. A water resistant coating means you can rely on it in advserse conditions, too. 


Rainyear Case


If value is your number one concern, and you want a case that doesn't even break into double figures on the price front, Rainyear has got your covered with this no-frills sleeve.

It might not be made of the fanciest materials, but it'll give you laptop some much-needed cushioning without breaking the bank.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.