When you're looking for a laptop nowadays, you thankfully don't have to make a decision about whether you want power or portability - those days are over. For too long, we were stuck with heavy machines that could actually function properly, or dinky lightweight models that were underpowered.

Now, there are countless exceptionally portable laptops on the market which also boast impressive specs to make sure that they can crunch through whatever tasks you need them to (even, in the odd case, a little gaming). Just for you, we've collected some of the very best right here, so that if you're looking for a new ultrabook or lightweight laptop, you've got some great options to browse.

The best ultraportable laptops to buy today

Apple MacBook Air


This year, the MacBook Air got another welcome update, after the long-awaited revival of 2019. It's got a much-improved keyboard and more powerful processor to make for a seriously superb package, all in a design that's absolutely what most people imagine when they think of a lightweight laptop.

Of course, you'll have to accept a fairly paltry set of ports and get on board with USB-C, but that's frankly par for the course on machines with its profile, and the screen is one of the best in the business. For our money, most people will be thrilled with the new Macbook Air.

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Dell XPS 13


The XPS 13 is one of the most consistently impressive laptops out there, and Dell knows it - the machine gets constant updates and revisions to keep it on the cutting edge, and recently was updated with an even more improved model we haven't got our hands on quite yet.

That all-new version has some subtle design changes including the one feature we most wanted, moving the camera back onto the top of the display's bezel, getting rid of the odd perspective that its webcam used to boast. That small change is telling, but it's the overall power and portability that makes Dell's laptop so impressive.  

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


Microsoft is in on the portable party, too, though. Its Surface Laptop 3 is an absolute stunner, which also packs in some seriously impressive stats. It's got a lovely metal construction with an optionally textured interior that's great for resting your wrists on as you work. On top of that, it's dead quiet and has really solid specs. 

The latest version has also corrected past mistakes by adding USB-C ports to the party, which is really welcome, and its larger trackpad is also noticeable and improved.

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Pixelbook Go


Google's waded back into the Chromebook market with this superb little laptop, to offer a middle ground between the many, many cheap options and the previously out-on-its-own Pixelbook, and it's won us over entirely.

It's a beautifully made machine, with great performance and a really sleek design that's easy to pack up and carry. Of course, the key decision facing you is whether you're happy to go with Chrome OS, and the limitations it does entail. If that's no problem, this is a serious contender that's coming down in price all the time. 

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HP Envy 13

It might not have the same sexiness as the other laptops we've featured so far on the design front, but the reality is that the HP Envy 13 is more than enough for most people on the specs side, and has affordability that the others aren't trying to match. Not only that, but this laptop can do things some of those more expensive competitors can't manage, thanks in the main to its built-in discrete graphics card. 

It might not have the best trackpad, screen or even build quality, but it can apply itself to most anything you need and is a real workhorse. The bottom line is that if value is your top priority you won't do much better than this for a genuinely portable laptop.

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Huawei MateBook 13


You might look at Huawei's MateBook 13 and think it looks awfully like Apple's more well-known laptops, and you'd be dead right. Still, though, if you're not too offended by that fact this is a solid little Windows laptop, at a really impressive price even before frequent and solid discounts. 

This laptop also manages to pack in a graphics card, making it another useful little number for graphically intensive tasks, and once you get used to it you could find yourself wondering why you ever bothered paying Apple's premium in the first place.

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Razer Blade Stealth 13


We're not going to pretend that it makes sense for everyone, but if you're an avid gamer, have a massive budget and want both great gaming performance and genuine portability without compromise, there aren't too many machines to pick from. Razer's Blade Stealth 13, though, is an absolute stunner. 

Even if it didn't have cracking gaming chops it would be a sleek looker, but given the specs, it can pack in (there are a few versions to choose from) it's a serious beauty. Of course, as we mentioned it's also not one for those on a tight budget.