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(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing wrong with a trackpad, per se, but let's be honest - even if they're getting better every year, there's still nothing quite like using an actual mouse for your computer - especially if you work from home. 

If you're finally tired of living that trackpad life, then, you might be on the lookout for a new mouse that doesn't necessarily assume you're a hardcore gamer whose biggest priority is stacks of function keys and flashing lights. In fact, most of us just want something compact we can use on the move or something accurate but simple for use at a desk. 

We've taken a detailed look at the market and here's our roundup of mice to help you consider what mouse is perfect for you, and have tested all of these options to ascertain which are the most comfortable and reliable.

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What is the best mouse available to buy? Our top recommendation is the Logitech MX Master 3. Also worth considering are the Logitech MX Anywhere 3, the Logitech G203 Lightsync, the Microsoft Intellimouse Pro and the Logitech Pebble.

Our Top Pick: Best Mouse

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Logitech MX Master 3



  • Superb comfort
  • Great battery life
  • Superb control


  • Quite expensive

Logitech only released the MX Master 3 recently, but it's quickly rocketed up to the top of our list — this is an absolutely superb mouse used by at least two of the Pocket-lint team. It's weighty in the right way, while still retaining a gliding feeling of control that's hard to beat. 

It's also wireless, which isn't completely essential, as this list will demonstrate, but does help with the feeling that you can use it in whatever way you like. The ergonomic design is easy to hold, the clicks of its buttons are satisfying but easily done; it's the whole package. The only hesitation is that it won't work for left-handers, an all-too common malaise in the world of the computer mouse. 

You can use it with Logitech's Unifying USB receiver or with Bluetooth.

Other mouse options worth considering

The Logitech MX Master 3 might be our favourite pick to recommend right now, but we also appreciate it's not the right fit for every type of user. That's why we also think it's worthwhile delving into the four other choices detailed below.

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Logitech MX Anywhere 3



  • Silky smooth scrolling
  • Smaller form
  • Great battery life


  • Also pricey

If you want a more compact mouse that still has a lot of the brilliant touches that make the MX Master 3 so good, the Anywhere 3 could be perfect. It's great for smaller hands or a workplace that moves around a lot. 

You also get superb ergonomics, great clicking and an uneatably good scroll-wheel, just like on the larger version. It's available in a few colours to suit your taste, and battery life is stellar too, rechargable by USB-C. 

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Logitech G203 Lightsync



  • Great for gaming
  • Well-priced
  • Reliable


  • Wired

It won't be the last on this list, but while the G203 Lightsync might be branded as a gaming mouse, we think it's subtle enough and usable enough to believe that tag. 

The fact that it's wired keeps the price really low for this device, and the performance you get from it is hard to argue with. It's lightweight and glides nicely, and has six buttons that you can reprogram if needed, for example, to open your most-used applications. Although it does have some LED lighting that is a little "gamery", it's pretty subtle and can be controlled to suit your taste, and the white version we've been using is particularly handsome.  

MicrosoftThe Best Mouse For Pcs And Macs Perfect Devices For Work And Play image 4

Microsoft Intellimouse Pro



  • Really simple
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable


  • Quite ugly

That's right, your eyes don't deceive you. Chances are you remember the above design from somewhere, whether it's a school IT lab, an office, or a front desk. Well, wherever that place was, their bosses haven't scrimped on equipment, because despite its austere looks, the Intellimouse is a seriously great mouse. 

With a subtle but effective ergonomic curve, and no unnecessary bells and whistles, there's a reason why Microsoft's mouse design hasn't changed much down the years. 

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Logitech Pebble



  • Truly portable
  • Works nicely


  • Pretty flimsy
  • Not always that comfortable

If you're working remotely, or if you have a working commute — or even if you just take the odd work trip, you'll know the value of portability. Logitech, which you might be noticing as a bit of a repeat feature on this list, has a great option for those who want a more diminutive, easily transported mouse. 

The Pebble is nice and tiny, but still really comfortable to use, and has Bluetooth for easy pairing. It's got a great clicking action for such a small mouse, and is really silent, which we have a lot of time for. If you're in the need for a mouse that travels, Logitech has got you covered here, and at a really impressive price, too. 

Other products we considered

When trying to figure out what we believe to be the best mouse options on the market, we spent hours running all sorts of applications and using the devices in a range of situations. We consider a number of factors when it comes to recommending mice - and also when a new device enters our top five selections. It's not all judged on our testing, either - we also try to factor in consumer reviews, brand quality and value.

In all of our roundups, there are also many products we test that don't make the final cut. Since they may be the right fit for some people, however, we've listed them below.

How to choose a mouse for your PC or Mac

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to pointers for your computer, but we've got some helpful questions to help you narrow things down.

Do you need a wireless mouse?

Back in the good old days every mouse had a cable attached to actually connect it to a device, but wireless options are on top now. Most people will probably want a wireless mouse ideally, to free them up as much as possible, but think about whether that applies to you!

After all, someone like a gamer who wants minimal response times may opt instead for a wired device for that unbeatable responsiveness.

What shape suits your hand?

Another big variable between the options we've highlighted here is the shape of the mouse - some are bigger, others are smaller, and some like our top pick have an ergonomic ridge to them that takes some getting used to. While we think they'll all suit most people, if you've used a shape of mouse that you've either particularly liked or disliked previously, that'll be well worth remembering.

Are you left-handed?

One big thing to consider (and you probably already have done) is what hand you use dominantly. While most mouse options, in particular those from Logitech, let you swap button mapping around, they're not all built for left-handers and right-handers both, which means that a more symmetrical mouse might work out.

What's your budget?

Of course, there are some big gaps in the prices of some of the mice we've highlighted, and while we believe the more expensive options are worth it in the long run, it's a good idea to know how much you're planning to spend so that you don't find yourself going into debt just for the sake of a nicer mouse.

Is portability important?

Another question that will determine what sort of mouse you want is around whether you'll be using to to work on the move - if you're sticking to one desk, life's easy, but for anyone who moves around a bunch, having a wireless mouse that doesn't weigh a ton and isn't too delicate might make sense.

More about this story

Every product in this list has been tested in real-life situations, just as you would use it in your day-to-day life.

A mouse might not be the most eye-catching or costly part of your work setup but it's a hugely important variable - using a sub-standard one day in, day out will take its toll. Upgrading to a more comfortable or premium example can be game-changing.

We're interested in how comfortable these mice are, what extra functions they bring and how simple it is to both connect and use them.

As with any roundup, it's not possible to deliver a list that works for every type of user, but we lean on the experiences and opinions of the wider Pocket-lint team - as well as thoroughly assessing the areas above - in order to do our best in this regard.

What we always tend to avoid when compiling these picks are needless spec comparisons and marketing lines; we just want to provide an easy to understand summary that gives you an idea of what each mouse is like to use. Our verdicts are concise, but this is purely in the interest of brevity. Rest assured all the devices on this list have been fully tested.

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