Gaming mice are the high-end devices of the mouse world. They are designed to be more accurate, offer a more comfortable experience and are built to last - as gamers are likely to spend more time with their mouse than anyone else.

Top-of-the-range gaming mice also have multiple buttons, highly adjustable dots per inch (DPI) accuracy and a mass of settings that include everything from custom lighting to macros for specific games. 

However, finding the right mouse for you can be tricky. People hold their mouse in different ways and have different sized hands that make purchasing a tricky business. A wide mouse with thumb rests and grips might be perfect for someone with large hands, but others might find a small and sleek mouse preferable, both in terms of fit and agility. 

We run through a variety of gaming mice to see which are the best around, taking into account all the things gamers love most - RGB, responsiveness, number of buttons and, of course, value for money. 

Best RGB gaming mouse

Pocket-lintAsus ROG Gladius II RGB gaming mouse image 2

Asus ROG Gladius II

If gaming mice aren't glowing all the colours of the rainbow, are they even doing it right? The Asus ROG Gladius II is a big, bold, beautiful gaming mouse with a really striking design. It's wired, with an ergonomic design, on-the-fly profile switching and an insanely high DPI, but how does it perform and is it worth its £80 price tag?

Design and comfort

  • 50 million click Omron switches (spares also included)
  • Three Aura sync RGB lighting zones
  • Six pre-set illumination effects
  • Patterned rubber grips and mouse wheel

The Asus ROG Gladius II is a feature-packed mouse that gamers and RGB fans will love. This is an affordable gaming mouse with all the bells and whistles. The design includes three side buttons and a DPI switching button on the top next to the mouse wheel. For RGB lighting lovers, there are three lighting zones on this mouse - the logo, the wheel and a funky under-lighting zone that covers the edge of the bottom of the mouse. 

Within the Asus software, you can choose from six different pre-set illumination effects that include "Aura Sync" which matches up the colour effects across other Asus products, like keyboards. This looks neat, especially when set to "breathing". It's also a great reason to purchase this mouse if you already have other Asus products that are compatible.  

We really liked the design of the Asus ROG Gladius II. Not only does this mouse have some of the best lighting we've seen, it's a perfect balance of simple and sublime.

The three buttons on the left are perfectly placed for use in the heat of a gaming battle and the profile switching included in the software means these buttons are highly flexible. We also really like the textured sides of the mouse which allow for a better grip when gaming and thus are more than just visually pleasing. The mouse wheel also has a funky tread on it that makes it look more like a high-end car tyre than a mouse wheel. 

This mouse is "ergonomically designed" meaning it should be comfortable for gamers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a palm, claw or fingertip grip or have a small or large hand, it should be comfortable and useful.

Certainly, during testing we found the Asus ROG Gladius II to be a comfortable mouse both for gaming and for everyday use. 

The only flaws we found were the middle button on the left side of the mouse (the DPI target button) could be accidentally squeezed when in a frantic gaming battle, but that might be down to personal playstyle rather than a design flaw. The cable might also be a bit short for some.

This gaming mouse also comes with two swappable cables, one is braided, the other isn't. They're two metres and one metre respectively. The idea here is you can choose the cable to suit your use, the shorter non-braided cable can be used on the move with a laptop while the longer one is the mainstay on your gaming machine. We did feel that two metres is verging on being a little short, so it's worth noting that, depending on your gaming setup, you might have troubles with tugging and fighting the cable. 

Software and setup

  • Customised button mapping
  • Surface calibration settings
  • Macro settings
  • Lighting and sync options

As you'd expect, the Asus ROG Gladius II is backed up by a piece of software that you'll need to download and install. This software allows you to customise things like button settings, performance and lighting. Out of the box, there's a calibration mode which allows you to choose from preset surfaces like cloth, plastic, glass or metal mouse mats or manually calibrate to your particular gaming surface. 

Then you can create up to three profiles which you can switch between by simply pressing two buttons on your mouse at the same time. This on-the-fly switching means you can have a variety of setups for changing between in game. If, for example, you like to play as a sniper one moment and drive a tank or fly a plane the next, then you could have a profile for each of these with different settings to account for the change in playstyle. A sniper needs to be accurate with small precise movements, while a tank gunner might want to turn quickly to engage their target. 

Since you can change the colour and lighting settings on each profile, you can also set this up so the colour changes when you change to a profile with a higher DPI. That's the complex version, on a more simple setup you might just have different profiles for gaming or using Windows. It's then easy to switch between these when you need to. 

Gaming specifications

  • 12,000 DPI max, 50g max acceleration
  • Three side buttons
  • Surface calibration options
  • Profile switching on-the-fly

As a gaming mouse, the Asus ROG Gladius II is no slouch. It boasts one of the highest DPI sensors we've seen, almost double that of its predecessor. It can hit up to 12,000 DPI at the top end of its settings. That's extremely fast, even on a 4K ultra-high definition screen. In fact, it's so fast, it's probably too fast for many. But you can adjust the settings according to your needs and set different DPI settings between profiles. Each profile has two DPI settings and you can switch between them by pressing the button on top of the mouse next to the wheel, so it's easy to setup according to your needs. 

The side buttons are customisable in the software and you can set them to whatever key you need, including macros if you're a really serious gamer. We set up two different DPI settings in a single profile, then customised the buttons to our liking, including the third side button. This side button and the top button pressed together switches between profiles normally, but you can customise the buttons to fit your needs and preference. 

The customisation settings within the Asus ROG Gladius II software make this mouse highly flexible, swift and agile. It can be set up to work just the way you want and it does so with an RGB style that you're sure to love. 


We really enjoyed our time with the Asus ROG Gladius II. It's a fantastic mouse, especially at the current price point. It's not the cheapest on our list, but it's not the most expensive we've seen either. It's packed full of features that include a DPI higher than the average gamer will need. The design is comfortable, easy to use and stylish.

We'd recommend this gaming mouse if you're looking for one that's not only capable but casts a wonderful RGB rainbow over your desk. Pair this up with an Asus keyboard and you'll certainly have a pretty awesome looking desk. It's not the best gaming mouse on our list per se, but it's certainly close to it. It's also not the most subtle mouse around, but we doubt you're here for that anyway. 

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Best wireless gaming mouse

Pocket-lintLogitech G903 Best Wireless mouse image 10

Logitech G903 wireless 

Wireless gaming mice are often a very personal preference. Most mice are wired for a reason - tracking, lag and battery life can present frustrating issues for users, at least on older, lesser mice anyway. The Logitech G903 gaming mouse is not only wireless, it also features a funky and flexible design that's well worth a look at. 

Design and comfort

  • Wired and wireless capabilities 
  • Adjustable mouse wheel with smooth scroll setting
  • Changeable side buttons with up to two buttons on each side
  • Ambidextrous design for left or right-handed use
  • Optional 10-gram weight included for changing mouse weighting
  • 720mAh LiPol battery with up to 32 hours gaming power

The Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse has an immediately appealing and interesting design. The focus here is firmly on flexibility and agility.

This mouse is designed to be lightweight, with every design detail crafted to shed weight without reducing quality. From the thinly designed frame to the spoked scroll wheel, i's a slimmed down mouse which is light as a feather. This makes it as comfortable to use as it is accurate. 

This mouse boasts an ambidextrous design that's comfortable to use in either hand. A strong symmetry exists here, that includes buttons on either side of the mouse that are swappable to your liking. You can opt for two buttons on either side or shed them entirely with the included blanking plates. This means you can set the mouse up to fit your particular needs and preferred gaming style. 

The main appeal is its wireless capability. The Logitech G903 is a wireless gaming mouse first and foremost. It's impressive too. With the 720mAh LiPol battery that's included you can get up to 32 hours gaming use out of this mouse before it needs charging again or 24 hours with constant RGB lighting.

Wireless mice can be frustrating when you run out of charge, but the appeal of the Logitech G903 is its flexibility. Using its wireless mode requires you to use the included wireless adapter. This can be plugged directly into your machine or into the included wire which can be placed on your desk for a better signal. When the battery is low, it's easy to unplug the adapter and plug the included wire into the mouse instead. This easy switching doesn't need to interfere with a gaming session either as it's instant. We found charging only took around two hours, so it's easy to get it back up to charge if you prefer the blissful freedom of wireless gaming compared to the tug and pull of wired use. 

The mouse has two subtle lighting zones - one on the logo and the other on the DPI indicators. These little bars of light on top of the mouse show the current DPI setting and change as you adjust it. They also act as a battery indicator lighting up when you initially power the mouse on to give you an idea of charge level. These lights act like a fuel gauge - three green lights mean near full charge, two orange bars show the battery is below half charge and a single red light indicates less than 30 per cent battery left. 

As well as the side buttons, there are also multiple other buttons on the top of this mouse. DPI switching buttons allow you to turn DPI up and down on a whim and with ease.

The wheel mode shift button is another highlight of this design - pressing it switches between two different scroll wheel settings. One is the usual you'd expect to find on a mouse. When you scroll there's a slight click both up and down, letting you know you've scrolled and giving you the feedback of doing so. The other setting makes the mouse wheel smooth and it spins freely. This is a swift and speedy experience that, when web browsing, will find you at the bottom of even a long webpage in the blink of an eye. You can imagine this setting has some interesting uses in a game: if you assign the wheel to a movement key, for example. 

The smooth experience of the scroll wheel is a taste of the mouse in general. Logitech's design results in a gaming mouse that's swift and accurate, even as a wireless option. It's incredibly lightweight and easy to use, which is a joy. It's also customisable in all manner of ways - to the point that there's even an extra weight included in the box that you can add to the mouse if you feel like it's a bit too light for your gaming taste. 

Software and setup

  • 10-metre wireless range
  • 2.4 GHz wireless frequency
  • Onboard profile settings
  • RGB lighting with up to 16.8 million colours

The flexibility of the Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse continues on into the software. Within that, you can change settings for up to five different profiles. These profiles can be then switched between via the software or by the press of a button underneath the mouse. Each profile has a number of DPI sensitivity levels which you can customise and then change between on-the-fly using the DPI up and down buttons near the mouse wheel. With a maximum DPI of 12,000 and a minimum of 200, there's a world of possibility here depending on your preference. 

The software also allows for the customisation of the 11 programmable buttons which includes side-to-side clicks on the mouse wheel and custom settings for the DPI buttons. So if a mass of buttons is always your preference on a gaming mouse then you can even ditch the DPI buttons in favour of your own settings. You won't be able to change the DPI without using the software or changing profiles, but it's brilliant to have this level of flexibility at your fingertips. 

Software settings also include the usual surface calibration, colour cycling and lighting settings, but most of these are minimal. If you're considering this mouse, you're unlikely to care too much about RGB lighting or if you are, then you're looking at the wrong device and you'll be disappointed as its lighting is very subtle and minimal. 

The onboard storage of settings is useful. You can set the mouse up and then take it with you if you need to switch between gaming machines for some reason. Your personal settings will, therefore, be with you, wherever you game, which is great. 

Gaming specifications

  • 12,000 max DPI
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Five onboard profiles 
  • One millisecond report rate
  • 110-gram standard weight

The Logitech G903 is a high-end gaming mouse. As such, it's packed with gaming features and specifications everyone will love. There's a ridiculously high max DPI setting which will probably be too swift for most users and an easy on-the-fly system for changing between DPI and profile settings. 

With the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, one-millisecond report rate and 10-metre range, this is a surprisingly accurate wireless gaming mouse to add to your arsenal. During testing, we found the Logitech G903 was more than capable of standing up against its competitors in the market.

Because of the number of customisable buttons and the ambidextrous design, this mouse is perfect for anyone who wants a mouse that's flexible and easy to use whatever they're doing. We love loads of buttons on our gaming mice, but the ability to blank out ones you won't use or that will get in the way is useful too. 

Settings can be as smart or as simple as you want. The ability to have multiple profiles that can be switched on a whim makes for a brilliantly flexible device. Set one profile for gaming, another for everyday use and a third for video editing and you're away. The software isn't overly complicated, it's lightweight and streamlined much like the mouse it supports and that's all it needs to be. 


We were thoroughly impressed with the Logitech G903. This is a seriously good gaming mouse that means business. They say you can't please everyone, but Logitech has certainly tried with this one.

As a wireless mouse, it's accurate and long-lasting. When it does run low on charge, it's easy to swap to wired mode and doesn't take much to get back up to full power. There's also the option of constant wireless charging use the Powerplay Charging System if you don't mind forking out the extra cash. 

We loved the ambidextrous design, the mass of fully customisable buttons and the unique smooth scroll wheel. The full range of flexible DPI settings are great and being able to have a number of settings for this within the profiles is also useful. 

Logitech clearly has confidence in the quality of the design of this mouse. It comes backed with a two-year warranty and an expected durability of 50 million clicks for the main buttons on the mouse. We were certainly impressed by the design and if you're looking for a top-end wireless gaming mouse, then this is it. Though it does come with a price tag to match, costing around £150, which might put some off.

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Most stylish gaming mouse

Pocket-lintRazer Lancehead Tournament Gaming Mouse image 8

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Mercury White

If style and charm is something you need from your gaming mouse and you're just a tad bored of boring black mice, then this device from Razer might be the answer. The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is available in the striking Mercury White, which is bright and bold, but also much more than just good looking. 

Design and comfort

  • White design including the 2.1 metre braided USB cord
  • Chroma lighting via Razer Central software
  • Two buttons on either side
  • DPI switching buttons on top
  • Reactive lighting
  • Ambidextrous design

Razer is a well-known name in the gaming world and with good reason. The company offers a range of different mice designed and built "for gamers, by gamers" and the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition offers one of the company's most striking designs. It's instantly appealing in Mercury White as it stands out from the crowd of other gaming mice out there that are traditionally black and drab. There's much more to this mouse than looks though. 

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition boasts an ambidextrous design which is comfortable for both right and left-handed gamers. There are two buttons on either side, so you can use it whichever way you prefer. The form factor also makes it comfortable and a joy to use in either hand. 

This mouse has three lighting zones - down both sides and on the mouse wheel. The Razer Chroma lighting settings are fully customisable and flexible with up to 16.8 million colour settings available. Various modes are programmable here too, including inter-device synchronization to match up with other Razer products. Our favourite though was the "reactive" lighting mode which lights up when you click the mouse buttons then slowly fades out. 

This is a lightweight gaming mouse that's designed to be swift, accurate and comfortable to use. The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition weighs around 104 grams and includes a high-quality braided cable that won't drag on your desk. We did think the cable could verge on being a bit short (it's just 2.1 metres) so that's worth bearing in mind if you have a large desk or keep your computer out of sight on the floor. We didn't find it a hindrance during testing though. 

Software and setup

  • Five customisable sensitivity settings
  • Adjustable acceleration and polling rates
  • Profile settings
  • Advanced lighting effects
  • Surface calibration

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition gaming mouse is powered by the Razer Central software and compatible with Razer Synapse 3. We found the software was easy to use and included all the features you'd expect from your gaming mouse.

You can set the DPI levels here, then switch between them using the up and down buttons on top of the mouse. Surface calibration and settings for programming the nine usable buttons is also here. It's also quick and easy to switch between right and left-handed modes. 

Basic lighting settings within the software allow you to adjust brightness and quickly switch between effects. We also liked that you can set the mouse to automatically switch off its lighting after being idle for a certain period of time or when your display is turned off, to save wasting power and lighting the room unnecessarily.

Advanced lighting effects are available in the Chroma studio which are far more intricate. Though we found the quick effects to be more than sufficient. 

Gaming specifications

  • 16000 DPI max
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapoling
  • Customisable per-key macros
  • 450 IPS tracking
  • 50 million clicks
  • Nine independently programmable mouse buttons

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition boasts the highest max DPI settings out of all the gaming mice we've tested. Quite frankly, 16,000 DPI is more than any gamer is going to need. We thought 12,000 was too much on the other mice we've tested, but it's always better to have and not want than to not have at all. 

This mouse also boasts a high polling rate, 50G acceleration and 450 inches per second tracking that make it insanely accurate and a joy to use. With the accompanying software, you can set the mouse up to your own personal preference and then easily switch between DPI levels on the fly. 


Although the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition isn't necessarily the most feature-packed mouse on our list, it is probably the most beautiful. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we love the Mercury White colour scheme and the RGB lighting with it.

Beauty is more than skin deep too and that shows with this gaming mouse. Backed by a variety of features that include the highest DPI settings we've seen, plus an ambidextrous design and some funky lighting, this mouse is something pretty special. 

We fully expect that it'll get dirty fairly quickly under regular and intense use, but the surface also seems to be reasonably easy to wipe clean. In short, it's another fantastic mouse from the Razer camp and well worth adding to your short-list.

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Best large gaming mouse

Pocket-lintRoccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse image 2

Roccat Kone AIMO

If your hands are slightly on the large side, then choosing the right gaming mouse can be tricky.  Comfort is a problem and you might find that your thumb can get in the way, at least we do anyway. The Roccat Kone AIMO might be the solution to these issues. It's a larger gaming mouse, that strikes a brilliant balance between comfort and functionality. It's not too big, it's just perfect. For right-handed gamers, this mouse is a great choice.

Roccat isn't necessarily the first brand you'd consider when shopping for gaming peripherals, but you shouldn't overlook this one. It's a great price for a funky design, that's comfortable, well lit and intelligent.

Design and comfort

  • Left/right clickable mouse wheel 
  • Three thumb buttons including Easy-Shift[+] button
  • Intelligent lighting
  • 12 customisable buttons
  • Up and down DPI settings buttons with audio feedback

The first thing you'll notice about the Roccat Kone AIMO is the striking design. The model we tested was white, but it's also available in grey and black. In each format, this mouse is big and bold - with a large Roccat logo emblazoned on top and not-so-subtle lighting zones down either side.

There are four lighting zones here, the two strips left and right and on either side of the mouse wheel that are controlled by the Roccat Swarm software. You can even set different colours for the inner and outer parts of these lighting areas or use a gradient, making it flexible and colourful too. 

It's larger than your average mouse and feels more comfortable in the hand. The design includes three side buttons on the left side of the mouse and a slight recess that works nicely as a thumb rest. We found this to be particularly comfortable and it prevented any issues we have with our thumb getting in the way during gaming sessions. The button on the bottom of this recess also works as the Easy-Shift button. This is an interesting design in itself. 


The Easy-Shift button works by allowing you to change any of the 12 programmable buttons to a secondary setting. When you press and hold that button the Easy-Shift mode is activated. So, for example, in an FPS game you could set the left mouse button to fire by default, then reload your gun while in Easy-Shift. This feature allows for quick actions in the midst of gameplay.

That's a basic setting too, there's also the option for recording macros, assigning hotkeys, multimedia keys, even setting a timer. Pressing the Easy-Shift button also changes the colour of the lighting, so you know when it's engaged too. It's amazing what a difference a simple feature can make to your gaming style. 

Another feature of the design that stands out is what happens when you press the DPI switching buttons. Like other gaming mice, the Roccat Kone AIMO has the ability to set up to five different DPI levels. With default levels set, pressing the DPI up and down button not only switches the levels, but also activates an audio cue to tell you it's happened "12,000 DPI",  "9,000 DPI" and so on. If you choose custom DPI settings, then you'll just get "DPI up" or "DPI down" depending on which way you're switching. This is a nifty little feature that's useful when you need to know what settings you're using in a hurry.  

The Roccat Kone AIMO features a braided USB cable and several smooth feet that allow it to glide easily across the desk, mouse mat or gaming surface. In terms of design, this is a brilliant gaming mouse that's as great to use as it is to look at. 

Software and setup

  • Onboard memory for profile settings storage
  • Standard button assignments and Easy-Shift settings
  • DPI, double-click, scroll and pointer speed settings
  • Lighting settings including AIMO intelligent lighting, snake, colour wave, fully lit, heartbeat and breathing

The Roccat Kone AIMO is supported by Roccat's Swarm software that opens up a mass of options and settings. There are five programmable profiles here, each with five DPI switching modes, vertical/horizontal scroll speeds, double-click speeds, lighting settings and more. 

As we mentioned already, the highlights for us included the Easy-Switch mode, the sheer number of programmable buttons and the audio cues for DPI switching. Everything is customisable though and if you don't want to be told when you've changed DPI, you can turn that off too. 

The Swarm software even allows you to programme different colours for each section of the lighting on the mouse, making it fully customisable to your liking.

Other highlights of this design are the different lighting modes. Although there aren't as many as you might see on other gaming devices, there are plenty and some of them are especially cool. Snake, for example, sees the light moving around on your mouse in a similar manner to the game that was made popular on Nokia mobile phones in the 1990's. 

Gaming specifications

  • 12,000 DPI max
  • Audio feedback for changing between DPI levels
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Angle snapping

The Roccat Kone AIMO is a gaming powerhouse. We've already covered how flexible it is, but it's powerful too. With up to 12,000 DPI available, across a range of customisable levels and profiles, you can easily find the right pointer speed for you. You can adjust other click, scroll and pointer speeds to your preference as well. The result is a fully programmable mouse that will up your gaming prowess. 

The addition of Easy-Switch mode and the sheer number of programmable buttons also offers a flexibility like no other mouse we've seen at this price. Whether the average gamer will need all these settings is unlikely, but having the ability to make this level of changes makes the Roccat Kone AIMO highly appealing. 

For gaming, you have a mass of buttons at your fingertips. Simple things like having left and right click on the mouse wheel means there's more to customise and more flexibility when you need it. A great mouse like this can make all the difference when you're gaming and it's nice to see that every aspect of the design has been considered here. 


The Roccat Kone AIMO is a large gaming mouse that's feature-packed and a joy to use. It's both comfortable and fully-functional. There's a lot to like here and if you're considering your options, this mouse should certainly be on your list. Some of the settings might seem unnecessarily over the top, but that's the norm in the gaming world and the options are there when you need them.

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Best battery-free wireless gaming mouse system

Pocket-lintRazer Hyperflux Wireless Gaming Mouse image 2

Razer Hyperflux (Mamba + Firefly)

Wireless mice are great – they're lightweight and have the added advantage of not being tied down by a cable that you have to keep tugging or fighting with to get a perfect shot in game. Especially in frantic gaming sessions where the mouse is always moving about on the desk.

The downfall of wireless mice comes about when issues with input lag arise or you start running low on charge and either need to stop playing or plug your mouse in for some charge. The flexibility and freedoms of a wireless mouse soon disappear if you have to plug it in and you're left wondering why you bothered buying one in the first place.

Razer might have the solution to these woes with the Razer Hyperflux – a wireless gaming system which features a battery-free Mamba mouse combined with a Firefly charging mat. These two devices combined allow all the joyful freedom of wireless gaming but without the limitations that batteries naturally bring.

Design and comfort

  • Battery-free wireless gaming mouse
  • Wired mode available without the mat
  • Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel
  • Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips
  • RGB lighting on both mat and mouse
  • Mat has a non-slip rubber base
Pocket-lintRazer Hyperflux Wireless Gaming Mouse image 6

The Razer Hyperflux is a system that's immediately appealing. Razer has taken the classic Mamba mouse and redesigned it to remove the battery and introduce a supercapacitor which allows for electromagnetic induction which transfers power directly from the mouse mat to the mouse itself. This means that as long as the mouse is in contact with the mat it will never lose charge.

For gamers who use low DPI settings for competitive FPS play on games like CS:GO the first question might be what happens if they have to make large movements and lift the mouse off the desk? Well, Razer has taken that gaming style into account with this design. Firstly, the mat is really large – it's nearly the size of a keyboard, which means there's plenty of space to move the mouse around comfortably during any gaming session. This might be an issue if you have a small desk though and certainly something to bear in mind when considering a purchase.

Secondly, the supercapacitors manage to maintain the charge for around 10 seconds. That's the official word anyway. We actually found during testing that you could lift the mouse off the mat and it would maintain charge and accept input for upto 30 seconds after leaving the surface. More than enough time to move it around for a quick swipe to line up the perfect shot.

The other upside of this design is an ultra-lightweight mouse that's shed its batteries but not its performance. The updated battery-free Mamba is as beautiful as it is useful. It's comfortable, speedy and packed full of potential.

The Firefly mouse mat is a joy to behold too. This mat is large and brilliantly styled in the usual Razer manner. A braided Micro-USB cable plugs into the top of the mat and that's how it delivers its power. This input also allows for the powering of the RGB lighting which rings the underside and outside of the mat as well as the power indicator light at the top of the mat. All these can be tweaked – both in brightness and colour in the Razer Synapse software.

The mat also features a Honeycombed style underside that keeps still on the desk and a double-sided surface which allows you to change between a hard-matt surface on one side or cloth (velvet-like) surface on the other according to your preferences.

Software and setup

  • Razer Synapse compatible
  • Razer Chroma compatible
  • Pairing with Philips Hue for entertainment centre lighting
  • Lighting, macro, sensitivity level, module pairing and more customisation options

Within the Razer Synapse software, there is a multitude of settings that unlock even more potential with the Hyperflux system, including pairing Razer gear with Philips Hue.

You can also set up multiple profiles for button layout and settings then switch between them on the fly with the profile button on the side of the mouse. This button customisation includes everything from macros to specific button presses, lighting changes, multimedia keys, windows shortcuts or even the ability to launch specific programs.

This flexibility means you can set up profiles for different games, so you have the buttons just the way you want them when you play or just as simple as changing from the keys you'd use by standard in Windows.

Within the performance settings, you can set various levels of sensitivity from 100 to 16,000 DPI. This defaults to five sensitivity stages that can be adjusted on-the-fly up and down via the buttons on top of the mouse, but you can also change it to less stages if you don't need that much flexibility. These settings can be adjusted per profile, so the customisation continues into this section too.

Basic lighting settings are available in the Synapse software too or you can open up Razer's Chroma Studio to get access to even more levels of customisation. The basic settings give easy access to quick lighting effects which include reactive, breathing, spectrum cycling, static and wave effects in a variety of colours and at differing speeds.

Chroma Studio opens up more specific customisations which are handy if you have multiple Razer devices. In the Chroma Studio, you can also add Chroma Apps from the workshop that include things like apps that work with Discord to change lighting when someone joins a voice channel or a range of other settings. Some of these apps require the installation of other programs and can be a bit fiddly for the less advanced. Some just don't work (the app is currently broken for example).

Chroma Studio also allows for pairing with certain games which means your Razer gear will react in different ways when those games launch. This also works with the Philips Hue and Razer pairing so you can not only make the Hyperflux react, but also any Philips Hue lights you've set up in your entertainment area too.

The Razer Synapse software also allows for recording of various macros which even detail clicks right down to the millisecond and are editable on an individual basis. It's clear that this software is powerful and flexible too – giving you the power to set up the Hyperflux system just the way you want it.

Gaming specifications

  • 16,000 DPI max resolution 5G optical sensor
  • Double-sided hard and cloth mat surface
  • Up to 450 inches per second (IPS)/50 G acceleration
  • Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • 96-gram mouse

The Razer Mamba mouse included with the Hyperflux system packs some serious gaming punch. The main appeal of this mouse is clearly the fact that it offers the freedom of a high-end wireless gaming mouse but without the hassle of having to actually keep it charged. That's not where the appeal stops though. Since it's shed its batteries, this mouse is also lighter than your average wireless gaming mouse. At just 96 grams it's incredibly light weight and flies across the mat surface. This makes it pleasurable and comfortable to you.

The mouse is also ergonomically designed and fits nicely in the hand. With textured side grips on either side, it fits nicely in the hand and goes where you want it to. This isn't a mouse you'll have to fight for superiority.

That said, it is firmly a right-handed mouse. It doesn't offer the same ambidextrous flexibility we've seen in the Logitech G903 Wireless or indeed in Razer's own Lancehead Tournament Edition which seems like an odd design choice. For lefties, this is not going to be a sensible option which seems like a shame.

Like previous Razer Mamba designs, this mouse also offers the ability to plug it in and play wired. The cable that goes into the mouse mat can be easily unplugged and popped into the mouse meaning you can use it elsewhere should you need to.

This mouse features the usual range of settings you'd expect from a Razer mouse including a 16,000 max DPI setting and customisable sensitivity settings that can be cycled through in up to five stages via the DPI switching buttons on top of the mouse.

There's a tactile feedback mouse wheel that not only gives audible and tactile feedback when you roll it but is also sideways clickable. This, along with customisation options in the Razer Synapse software and the two side buttons gives you access to nine independently programmable buttons.

This mouse also uses Razer's mechanical switches that are capable of 50 million clicks before failing. It's a high-end mouse that's built to last.



As a complete wireless system, the Razer Hyperflux is a great addition to any gaming setup. The mouse is comfortable and capable, while the firefly mouse mat is smooth, tactile and easily customisable with lighting too.

We were impressed with this mouse and its accuracy to boot. This lightweight wireless mouse is swift, easily customisable and one of the best mice we’ve seen. It is, as you’d expect, a pricey option, but you do get what you pay for.

We really like the button and lighting customisation, the easy DPI switching buttons and the light-weight feel of the mouse in the hand. But the supercapacitor power transfer is the real gem of this system and we weren’t let down once by it during our use.  Software settings within Razer's Synapse tool are incredibly flexible and allow for full personalisation to your own setup which is great.

We'd recommend considering the Razer Hyperflux as an upgrade to your gaming system if you can afford the cost.

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Best overall gaming mouse

Pocket-lintCorsair Glaive Best Gaming Mouse image 4

Corsair Glaive 

The Corsair Glaive is living proof that the best gaming mouse doesn't have to cost the Earth. For your £70, it doesn't have to do it all, it just has to do it well. Corsair is well-known for making fantastic gaming products, so we already had a feeling this one was going to be something special before we even got it out of the box. 

The Corsair Glaive is an understated gaming mouse with a simple design. It doesn't need excessive amounts of lights or bells and whistles to be a great gaming device. Yet it manages to be the best we've tested at a price that won't make you run for the hills. That's the ideal solution for a gamers needs too - a device that won't break the bank, but will still give you the edge when you need it. 

Design and comfort

  • Three swappable thumb grips
  • Three RGB lighting zones
  • DPI indicators and DPI switching button
  • Textured mouse wheel
  • Two side buttons

The design of the Corsair Glaive is simple and sublime. This mouse has been engineered to deliver "unrivalled performance and unmatched comfort" and we think that's a fair description.

The highlight of the Corsair Glaive is certainly comfort. It's built with a contoured shape that fits neatly in the palm of the hand, this allows for comfortable and enjoyable gaming sessions as well as joyful day-to-day use.

This gaming mouse comes with three different thumb grips that can be changed on-the-fly according to your preference. We took great pleasure in the large thumb rest option which gives you an excellent place to tuck your thumb away while gaming and still have excellent access to the side buttons. 

The Corsair Glaive perhaps doesn't boast as many buttons as some of the other gaming mice we've seen, but the side buttons are large, easy to access and even easier to use. The textured mouse wheel looks like the tread on an awesome racing tyre rather than a dull mouse wheel and this supports your grip and ensures accuracy while gaming, as well as looking fantastic. 

As you'd expect from a high-quality gaming mouse, the Corsair Glaive boasts a braided USB cable that doesn't drag or snag on your desk. We found it long enough to not present any issues and use was comfortable, whatever we were doing. 

This is a lightweight gaming mouse that comes in at around 122 grams, resulting in a mouse that's swift and agile. With surface calibration available through Corsair's Cue software, it's capable of delivering great gaming performance on any surface. 

Software and setup

  • RGB lighting settings including Lighting Link
  • Adjustable DPI levels

Much like the mouse itself, the software included with the Corsair Glaive is simple and streamlined. There are no unnecessary or complicated settings here, just everything you need to customise your experience.  

The Corsair Glaive has three main lighting zones - the front of the mouse, either side and the logo. These lighting zones are programmable in the software with a number of different effects that include "Lighting Link" which allows it to combine with other Corsair gear to display the same colours or patterns. This is easy to set up and adjust when you need to within the software. You can change the speed, effect and even alternate between different colours. 

The Corsair Cue software includes surface calibration that allows you to customise the way the mouse reacts to the surface it's used on. This allows you to set the mouse up perfectly whatever you're gaming on. Performance settings also allow you to activate angle snapping and adjust pointer speed, but not much more beyond that. 

Within the software you can set up to five levels of DPI in increments as small as one point at a time, meaning you can be as precise as you want to be. The button on top of the mouse is then used to switch between these settings and you'll be able to see with ease, what level you've selected based on how many bars are lit. The idea here being the more bars are lit up, the higher the DPI. 

Gaming specifications

  • 16,000 max DPI adjustable in one DPI increments
  • 50 million click capable Omron switches

The Corsair Glaive might be subtle and mostly understated, but it shouldn't be under-estimated. It's fully capable of impressing, with 16,000 max DPI which is truly insane and probably completely unnecessary for most gamers. It's built with a focus on quality and includes a two-year warranty as well as Omron switches that are promised to be capable of 50 million clicks before they start to fail. 

We found the Corsair Glaive to be a joy to use during long gaming sessions. It's fully capable and, unless you need a million buttons to suit your play style, it should be perfect for any gamer. It's accurate, comfortable and performs well under pressure. 


We've chosen the Corsair Glaive as our best gaming mouse recommendation because it's a well-designed, capable and comfortable. This mouse offers the highest DPI we've seen and is both lightweight and accurate allowing it to perform well on any surface.

The highlight for us is the comfort this mouse delivers. The swappable textured thumb grips allow you to customise the mouse to your liking and we found the large thumb grip to be especially pleasing. 

The Corsair Glaive is a high-end mouse with a mid-range price point. It's highly affordable without scrimping on features. It's also more than capable of performing well both in day-to-day use and in gaming sessions. It might not have all the bells and whistles of other mice, but it doesn't need to. What this gaming mouse does it does well and that's why we're crowning it gaming king.

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Alternatives to consider


Asus ROG Pugio

  • 7,200 max DPI
  • ROG Armoury and Aura Sync-enabled
  • Multiple lighting zones
  • Ambidextrous design with four side buttons

As an alternative mouse to consider, the Asus ROG Pugio makes for an interesting option. This mouse is quite similar in look and feel to the ROG Gladius II we covered earlier.

If you're looking for a mouse with impressive RGB capabilities, then this could be an alternative. The specs are slightly different, but a similar design theme exists. The textured side panels and mouse wheel remain and the three lighting areas include the logo, mouse wheel, rear and side edges. 

The Asus ROG Pugio is an ambidextrous gaming mouse, so it's great for lefties or righties, but we did find it's quite slimline. This mouse sits low to the desk and isn't very deep, so wouldn't be a good choice for large-handed gamers. It does mean that your hand is never far from the action though and having four side buttons - two on either side - makes for easy-access gaming that can be customised to your personal preference. 

This mouse also includes spare Omron switches, should the installed ones wear out (though they are guaranteed for 50 million clicks) and swappable plates for the side buttons if you need them. 

The highlight though, is the compatibility with the ROG Armoury software, which allows you to customise the lighting and even pair it with other Asus devices thanks to Aura Sync capabilities. This, makes it our second choice in terms of best RGB lighting mouse, with the Asus ROG Gladius II having a slightly better spec in terms of DPI and other features. The Asus ROG Pugio is a cheaper alternative that's certainly worth considering though. 

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