Apple makes accessories for its own hardware, including cases.

The company makes iPhone cases and iPad cases, for instance. However, until recently, it's never made a laptop case for MacBooks.

On the day it chose to launch the iPhone X, Apple decided to quietly release a new "Leather Sleeve for 12-inch MacBook" in a couple different colours. Like most Apple goods, it's a bit pricey. But it looks well-crafted, and is made from "high-quality European leather". It actually got us thinking about what other types of MacBook cases or sleeves are out there, and whether they are as expensive.

We looked it up and found quite a few, at different price points even.

AppleBest Apple Macbook Cases Protect Your 12-inch Laptop image 9

Apple now makes a "Leather Sleeve" for MacBook in "Saddle Brown" or "Midnight Blue". It features an etched Apple logo and costs $149/£149. It's pretty basic, with no bells and whistles, such as hidden flaps or areas to store earphones. But it looks sleek, and will do the job.

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If you're looking for a waterproof, durable, yet lightweight case, consider the Snugg MacBook 12 sleeve. It has PU leather outer panels, a nubuck interior, is also splash-proof, and comes with a magnetic element that keeps your MacBook tucked safely inside. There's also a slot under the flap to hold business cards, and you can get the sleeve in eleven different colours, ranging from black to red.

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Prefer soft flannel or felt to leather? The $14 Inatack MacBook sleeve has a flannel inside with a grey felt on the outside. It's made from "environmentally friendly" materials and comes with a compartment for your MacBook as well as a second for any accessories.

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Twelve South's BookBook looks like a vintage hardcover book that you'd store on a bookshelf, which you can. It's handcrafted with genuine leather outer panels, has reinforced corners, a cushioned spine, and a soft interior. You can it in "Classic" and "Rutledge" for $80 each.

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The $70 Icon Tensaerlite sleeve has upper and lower "neoprene compression" panels with "shock-absorbing Tensaerlite" bumpers. The interior is made from a soft faux-fur lining, while its magnetic enclosure secures your MacBook and keeps it from ever falling out.

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The Omoton Wallet sleeve is very thin and light and costs less than $15. It's made of synthetic leather outer and has a soft polycarbonate fiber inner, a strong fastener that automatically locks, and a 9-degree stand to prop up your MacBook for comfortable typing.

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PicasoBest Apple MacBook cases Protect your 12-inch laptop image 8

This handcrafted Napa leather sleeve for MacBook is durable. On the inside you'll find a soft, felt-like material. There are no logos, though you can get it engraved with your name or initials. You can also get the sleeve in several black or tan varieties. It starts at $80.

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The Cartella Linen looks like an old paper journal. It has a wooden, Baltic Birch cradle with cut-outs for the ports, and the cover can fold to create a stand. There’s an elastic closure and a slim pocket on the inside. You can get this linen cover in different colours for $100 each.

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