Windows 10 has been out since last summer, and by the looks of things, it's a massive improvement to the previous version of Microsoft's operating system. In a nutshell: it's completely refined and packed with new features.

If you've already taken advantage of the free upgrade, you should make sure your PC is just as top-notch. There's nothing worse than running new, fast software on an old, buggy computer. It almost negates the purpose.

But, with so many Windows laptops available, you're probably not at all interested in combing through the lot in order to find the best one available to buy right now. That's where Pocket-lint comes in handy. We’ve reviewed all the top-of-the-line Windows computers on the market, and because of that, we can safely tell you which ones are worth your money.

The most important factor to remember when it comes to buying a new laptop is making sure you have the best laptop for you, which includes the most premium laptop for your budget, the features you need, the size that feels right, the build-quality you want, etc. So just keep all that in mind.

We've expertly-picked five laptops you should consider, such as the Dell XPS 13, but they're all high-scoring. Browse our gallery above to see if any pique your interest, and if you for whatever reason think we've missed one that absolutely needs to be included, leave us your opinion below.

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Price: Starts at £1,049
Full review: Dell XPS 13 review (2015): To infinity and beyond
Summary: On paper, the Dell XPS 13 seems as though it can do no wrong; it's the Windows machine to give the Apple MacBook Air something to chew over.

The infinity display cuts back on the Dell's bezel to such a degree that it's close to non-existent. But rest the XPS 13 on your lap or any kind of material other than a hardened desk and it may cause some audible problems. Nothing jet-engine like, mind, just a hum. That's no surprise given what's under the hood though.

There are various power configurations available, starting with the 2.7Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and topping-out at the 3.2Ghz Intel Core i7 option, each option paired with 8GB RAM and Intel HD 5500 graphics. No discrete graphics, unfortunately.

For plugging in extras there are two USB 3.0 ports, a mini DisplayPort, full size SD card reader and3.5mm headphones jack. If you want Ethernet then you'll need to use an adaptor accessory – a compromise that many laptops now have to make given slimmer form factors. Dell also claims a "long battery life", but we got around 8 hours of constant keyboard battering.

At its highest configuration, the Dell XPS 13 isn't a budget machine by any means. But is it worth it? We think so. Quality design and high-end features fare worth paying for. Saying that, we had some qualms about the price of the inventive Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, which is less powerful but more versatile than the Dell.

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Price: Starts at £799
Full review: HP Spectre x360 review: Shaken, not stirred
Summary: If you want to make a slim and expensive-feeling laptop, then aluminium is the go-to material these days. And it's what 90 per cent of the HP Spectre x360 is made of. This is an ultraportable, Ultrabook-style laptop.

It's a shade lighter than the MacBook Pro 13, for example. HP has employed a killer feature too: the "360" of the Spectre x360's name refers to its ability to flip its screen around, to make it a giant 13.3-inch tablet.

It has a 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS LCD display, though HP also makes a version of the laptop with a QHD (2560 x 1440 resolution) screen. Other features include a glass-topped trackpad, Intel Core i5-5200U CPU clocked at 2.2GHz (it gets you a lot more power than one of the Intel Core M CPUs we're starting see appear, including in the new 12-inch MacBook), and integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics, which will let you play some pretty modern games at low settings.

At first glance the HP Spectre x360 may seem to rely on gimmicky extras, but don't be put off. These features are worthy additions to what is already a rock-solid, high-value portable laptop. The x360 also works just about perfectly as an everyday workhorse, thanks to its great battery, and it manages to make Apple's laptops look expensive once more. It's even more affordable than the like-minded Lenovo Yoga Pro 3.

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Price: Starts at £649
Full review: Asus Zenbook UX305 review: King of the mid-range
Summary: The mid-range laptop market tends to be a sea of nondescript plastic, but when we first saw the UX305 at the IFA show back in 2014, we were impressed by its beefed-up specifications and build.

That metal exterior with its subtle brushed finish looks quality, while the 12.3mm thickness makes it almost a full 5mm slimmer than a MacBook Air. So, if it's slim laptop you want then, you're not going to find anything slimmer than this Asus. Part of the reason the UX305 is so slim is that it doesn't need any fan cooling.

Why? Because it uses Intel Core M architecture. That means slim design and silent use, no sudden whirring of a fan kicking out and attracting stares when on the go. The 0.8Ghz clock speed might sound relatively low, but paired with the 8GB RAM as standard, a 128GB SSD, and 64-bit Windows, it has cut through tasks with few issues.

Ports come in relative plenty too: there are three USB 3.0 ports arranged across the two sides, along with a full-size SD card slot, micro HDMI out and 3.5mm headphones jack too. The UX305 also comes with a Full HD screen, meaning a 1920 x 1080 resolution is stretched across that 13.3-inch panel.

It is certainly in the running for king of the mid-range laptops. Of course there are more powerful and feature-heavy laptops out there, but at this £649 price point, with its Full HD 13.3-inch screen, metal build, full size keyboard, silent operation and super-slim build, it's hard to fault.

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Price: Starts at £1,250
Full review: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review: Design delight, but pricey
Summary: Lenovo has pushed its Yoga line forward once again with the Yoga Pro 3, a lightweight laptop with a stunning design that features a 360-degree hinge.

At just 12.7mm thick when closed shut, the Yoga Pro 3 gives tablets a run for their money and certainly undercuts Microsoft's Surface 3 by a hefty chunk. The outer frame of the screen and laptop underside are shielded by brushed metal that feels premium and strong.

The special skill of the Yoga 3 Pro is that hinge mechanism, which is comprised of more than 800 pieces of steel and aluminium to deliver a laptop-meets-tablet experience. To its sides the Yoga 3 Pro houses with 2 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, micro HDMI and a headphones port as well as a power adapter port. Subtle volume up/down controls and the power button are also nestled to the side.

The 13.3-inch display clearly wants to dazzle by packing in the resolution. This IPS panel, which makes for decent angles of view, sees the Apple MacBook Air look archaic thanks to the Lenovo's 3200 x 1800 resolution on offer. The specs squeezed into this slither of a device are impressive as well. Intel's latest Core M processor is on board, revving up at 1.1Ghz, which is backed by a whopping 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, Intel HD Graphic 5300 and 256GB of SSD storage. There's the option for 512GB too.

Thanks to Intel's latest Core M processor the power efficiency of the Yoga 3 Pro lives up to Lenovo's claims of 7-hours on a single charge. If you're looking for a versatile, super-slim device with few compromises, then the Yoga 3 Pro could well be for you.

Yes there are more affordable device available, but most ultimately lack the flexibility of this Lenovo.

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Price: Starts at £749
Full review: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review: Brilliant, bar battery life
Summary: The Surface Pro 4 is the most refined and comprehensive model in the Surface series yet - if you're in the market for a laptop-scale tablet, anyway.

There's so much right about the Surface Pro 4. 4. From Windows 10's comprehensive setup, to the great typing experience, to the amount of power on offer if you need that bit of extra oomph (the entry-level comes with a Core m3).

At 8.4mm, the Pro 4 could hardly be accused of being massive; indeed it's slimmer than a variety of modern smartphones, including some flagship devices. That's the only dimensional difference to the last-generation Surface Pro 3 (which was 0.6mm fatter), though, as the Pro 4 follows the same 292 x 200mm footprint - despite squeezing in a larger 12.3-inch display.

Oh, that screen. It's a real beaut. Brighter than the last-gen model, there's more punch from the Pro 4's panel, along with decent viewing-angles and punchy colours. But the real headline feature of the screen is ultra-high resolution. What Microsoft is calling PixelSense means, in this instance, that you get 2,736 x 1,824 pixels. 

That new Type Cover keyboard is better than the last one though. It's backlit (as before), feels sturdy in either of its two positions (it can click upward for a slanted angle rather than being flat against the desk) and the keys have spot-on resistance. 

The Pro 4 will deliver around six hours use for the basics, which isn't a patch on the MacBook Air we had surrendered. Battery, therefore, is perhaps the one main area where the more tablet-aligned iPad Pro holds greater appeal.

The Pro 4 is certainly the best Surface yet, and a more accomplished product that the iPad Pro in our eyes. 


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Price: Starts at $1,499
More info: Microsoft Surface Book: Everything you need to know
Summary: Microsoft has unveiled it's first ever laptop built by the company: the SurfaceBook. Microsoft say this is the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made and is twice as fast as the MacBook Pro. But it's about more than power, and it's more than a laptop, as the screen section can be detached to make it a separate tablet too. 

We wish we could list this in our top five, but we haven't yet given the machine a full review. When we do, you'll be the first to know. Until then, watch Microsoft's fancy trailer below to see this beaut in rendered form backed by some powerful music.